Noah Schnapp says ‘Happy Stranger Things finale’ with his best cry face

Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp wishes everyone a “happy” season finale for Stranger Things, but he doesn’t look too happy. Pic credit: ©

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4 Volume 2.

Fans were warned that the Stranger Things 4 finale would be an emotional two episodes and that a few characters were fated for death, but it seems that even the cast wasn’t necessarily ready.

Noah Schnapp has played main character Will Byers since 2016. Though the story has shifted, fans may recall that the first season revolved entirely around Will disappearing into the Upside Down and his family and friends’ mission to get him back.

As Season 4 is slated to be the beginning of the end of the sci-fi series, Noah took to his Instagram Stories to share how he was feeling about the end of Season 4.

Noah Schnapp wishes a ‘happy’ finale through tears

Viewers knew to anticipate an emotional finale, especially after the action-packed trailer hinted that not everyone would make it out alive multiple times.

Noah posted a selfie to his Instagram Stories that reads, “Happy Stranger Things finale,” but his face didn’t match the message.

Instead of appearing joyful, he was sitting with his hand on his head and pushing his hair back as he was redfaced with tears on his cheeks. Move over Kim K, there’s a new crying meme in town.

Noah Schnapp's Instagram story
Pic credit: @noahschnapp/Instagram

Viewers may have seen some of the most emotional scenes by now and Will Byers certainly has his fair share of them. One of the first we see is when he talks to Mike and gets a little emotional, but there’s another moment that Will shares with big brother Jonathan that was rather moving.

Will and Jonathan share sweet brotherly moment

As part of their mission to defeat Vecna, it’s imperative that Eleven be placed into a saltwater tank. However, they’re nowhere near a lab that can help.

Fortunately, Argyle pitched the great idea to go to a Surfer Boy Pizza place and use their freezer. While they’re preparing the makeshift tank for El, Jonathan approaches Will.

Jonathan watched Will talk to Mike and explain the importance of Mike’s role in all of their lives, and even discussed how El probably feels like a mistake at times; a feeling that Will can relate to after being trapped in the Upside Down.

Jonathan tells his brother, “I miss talking to you. I, like, really miss it. I don’t want you to forget that I’m here. I’ll always be here no matter what. Because you’re my brother, and I love you. And there is nothing in this world, okay, absolutely nothing, that will ever change that. You got that?”

After his moving statement, Will begins tearing up, and the two share a much-needed hug.

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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