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Disney actor Jack Dylan Grazer jokes about being canceled for smoking cannabis

Jack Dylan Grazer poses on Instagram
Jack Dylan Grazer joked about being canceled over smoking marijuana at 14 years old. Pic credit: @jackdgrazer/Instagram

Young actor Jack Dylan Grazer has found himself back in the news headlines after a video of him smoking marijuana reemerged online.

But on this occasion, the 17-year-old Disney actor has decided to make light of the situation and has joked about being canceled for the actions of his younger self.

The Me, Myself, and I actor found himself in hot water back in 2018 when a video surfaced online of his 14-year-old self smoking what appeared to be cannabis; the video also showed him vaping.

Jack Dylan Grazer posted video apologizing for drug use

The actor’s tender age led to serious concern being voiced online and culminated with him releasing an apology video.

In the video, Grazer blamed his lapse of judgment on peer pressure at school and said that “smoking pot is stupid, it’s not cool, and it’s not worth it.”

Grazer then went on to implore his fans not to make the same mistakes he had and that if they felt peer-pressured that they should get help. He finished by saying: “I want to thank you for the continued love and support. I love you guys and I’m sorry.”

Annoyingly for the It actor, the video of him smoking was reposted on a YouTube channel, and subsequently, the issue began trending on Twitter once again with fans searching for the now-deleted video.

The offending video reportedly showed Grazer struggling to smoke cannabis, with him seemingly unable to inhale.

Jack Dylan Grazer jokes that he’s been canceled for smoking

But while Grazer struck an apologetic and contrite tone in 2018, he has largely mocked the furore surrounding his drug use since then.

Last night, Jack posted a video to TikTok where he mocked the situation. In the video, he said while putting on a mocking voice: “so, unfortunately… 14-year-old actor Jack Dylan Grazer has been canceled for smoking cannabis.” He then sarcastically added with a grin: “Yeah, right.”

This follows on from a Twitter post from June 7 where he posted a gif of an athletic, muscular man and told his followers not to smoke as they’d either die or end up looking like this man.

He wrote: “Please. Don’t smoke or you’ll look like this. If you smoke, you’ll either die, collapse from coughing or look like this man. Never smoke. Cigarettes and vaping are just as bad as manslaughter. Never ever smoke.”

Perhaps, Grazer would rather people focused on the June 18 release of his animated movie Luca where he plays the voice role of Alberto Scorfano.

The serious side of drug abuse hit home earlier this year when rapper DMX passed away at 50 following a drug overdose. And recently, Jackson Michie admitted to being a drug addict before signing up for Big Brother 21.

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