Diddy is finally moving on from Cassie with new song

diddy attends The Recording Academy And Clive Davis' 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala
Diddy attends The Recording Academy And Clive Davis’ 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Based on his latest song release, Diddy has decided it’s time to move on from singer Cassie, whom he was in a long-term relationship with for over 10 years.

The hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur released his new track, Gotta Move On, on Friday with a guest appearance from Bryson Tiller and lyrics touching up his need to move on since Cassie has.

Diddy’s song is his first in six years and was hinted at during his time hosting the Billboard Music Awards. It also arrives four years after he and Cassie ended their on-and-off relationship.

Diddy releases new song Gotta Move On

The three-minute song Gotta Move On hit various streaming platforms on Friday and includes hip-hop star Diddy mentioning it’s time for him to go forth as his former lover Cassie Ventura “had to move on.”

“You found a new man, so I gotta move on. Guess you got a new agenda, with someone you barely know. I won’t, say you’re wrong. Guess you had to move on,” Diddy raps in one of his verses.

Bryson Tiller lends his skills to the song’s chorus, singing, “If she don’t want my love, I’m guessin’ I gotta move on” as part of the hook.

Diddy released a teaser video featuring part of the song on his official Instagram page on Friday, letting others know about the release.

Gotta Move On is a cover of Toni Braxton’s original song featuring H.E.R. released in October 2020. The singer released the music video for it last year, which has racked up over seven million views on YouTube.

Diddy teased fans by performing his new version of the song during the Billboard Music Awards, which he hosted in May. In addition to bringing out Bryson Tiller for his show-opening performance, he also surprised everyone with Teyana Taylor and rapper Jack Harlow getting on stage as part of the medley.

Cassie moved on from Diddy to Alex Fine

Diddy and Cassie’s relationship was on, then off, several times for over 10 years. They reportedly met once Cassie was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label in the 2000s, started dating in 2007, and confirmed they were a couple in 2012.

The duo collaborated on songs, including Diddy’s 2008 track Swagga Like Puff and Cassie’s 2009 song Must Be Love.

In October 2018, the couple officially split up. While neither Diddy nor Cassie commented on their breakup, a source close to them indicated it was “amicable and they remain friends,” also suggesting Cassie would focus on her music.

Cassie eventually moved on to celebrity trainer Alex Fine, who was on Diddy’s payroll to train her. Diddy felt that she and Fine may have started hooking up before their breakup and was reportedly enraged by it.

The singer is now married to Fine, and they have two children. They welcomed daughter Sunny Cinco last March and also have daughter Frankie Stone, who was born in 2019.

Before his relationship with Cassie, Diddy also had an on-again, off-again relationship with Kimberly Porter that lasted 13 years. The hip-hop mogul has also been linked to Jennifer Lopez, who has since moved on to Ben Affleck with plans to marry him.

In 2019, Diddy was in a relationship with Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, but that ended the same year.

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