Lori Harvey is ‘dating’ P Diddy after dumping his son Justin, according to a wild Twitter theory

Lori Harvey
Fans are speculating on Twitter that Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori is dating P. Diddy. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson

Twitter exploded once again with excited chatter over rumors that 49-year-old hip hop mogul P. Diddy (Sean Combs) is dating 22-year-old model Lori Harvey.

Lori is the step-daughter of comedian-TV show host Steve Harvey, known for hosting Family Feud.

Lori is rumored to have previously dated Diddy’s son Justin.

According to TMZ, The latest rumor started due to a photo emerging on social media, showing the two taking a midnight stroll together in SoHo.

The photo reportedly showed Lori and Diddy walking together around midnight on Wednesday.

Some fans on social media claimed Lori looked relax and happy in the photo (see below). They also claim Diddy looked embarrassed about being photographed together with a girl young enough to be his daughter.

Many argued on social media that the matching outfits on the two support the theory they were out on a romantic date.

However, others argued that while the outfits look similar, they were not exactly matching, meaning it could easily have been by chance rather than design.

Rumors that Lori and Diddy were dating started because they have been hanging out a lot with each other lately.

The rumors started after Lori and Diddy were seen together at a reggae music festival in Miami in March. Sources that spoke with TMZ at the time denied the dating rumors.

The rumors gained further traction when they were spotted eating out at Nobu Japanese restaurant in Malibu earlier in the month. However, sources close to the families again denied rumors that they were dating.

Fans have reacted to the Lori-Diddy dating rumor on social media. Many of the posts were roasts targeted against Diddy’s son Justin, who is rumored to have previously dated Lori.

However, some have defended Lori and Diddy, saying they are family friends. Sources reportedly told TMZ that the Harvey and Combs family are longtime friends and that Lori and Diddy have always been close.

Lori paid a respectful tribute when Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Kim Porter passed away late last year.

Some fans insist that P. Diddy could not be dating Lori because she had previously dated his son Justin Combs. However, claims that Justin dated Lori are only rumors that were never confirmed.

Lori is also known to have dated soccer star and artist Memphis Depay, but they broke up last year.

Lori is a model who has worked with top brands, including Dolce & Gabbana. Besides Justin Combs and Memphis Depay, she reportedly dated celebs such as rapper Future (Nayvadius Wilburn), singer Trey Songz (Tremaine Neverson), and British racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

Speculation about P. Diddy and Lori comes after Diddy split with girlfriend Cassie Ventura in October last year. Monsters and Critics reported that Cassie is expecting her first baby with personal trainer Alex Fine.

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