Derick Dillard reveals he is writing a book — Will it expose the Duggars?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard selfie.
Derick Dillard revealed plans to write a book. Pic credit: @derickdillard/Instagram

Derick Dillard has piqued the interest of Duggar fans and haters alike after he revealed that he is writing a book on Twitter. Be cautioned though, as it may be a while before it is available to the public since he will only be working on it on breaks from school.

This new development is only adding fuel to the speculation about the rift between the Dillards and the Duggars. Rumblings of a feud between Derick and Jim Bob have been making the rounds for months, but is it bigger than anyone anticipated?

Twitter has been the outlet where Derick Dillard has vented his grievances against Jim Bob Duggar. He recently revealed that the Duggar patriarch does the negotiations for Counting On and doesn’t let the other stars of the show in on them. His decisions are final, and that was not something Derick was comfortable with.

On top of that, Derick Dillard has insisted that he and Jill Duggar were not fired from Counting On and instead chose to walk away from the reality show. She echoed his statements on Instagram not long ago, and now, it looks like there really may be a feud between the families.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard skipped out on the Duggar Thanksgiving and chose to do a Friendsgiving instead. Later, they celebrated with the Dillards as she praised her mother-in-law for securing some crafts for her little boys.

News of a book in the works has Duggar fans anxiously awaiting what will happen next. Derick Dillard has never backed down from his beliefs or what he has said. From shading Jim Bob Duggar on Twitter to going at it with TLC, he hasn’t even issued an apology.

Only time will tell what the book will uncover if, and when, it is published.

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