Death Hoax: Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans can’t believe Rodrick Heffley death

Roderick Heffley on stage playing the drums
Greg Heffley’s brother Roderick was played by Devon Bostick in the movies. Pic credit: Fox Family Entertainment/ YouTube

Disturbing rumors appeared in the last 24-hours that Rodrick Heffley, the older brother of Greg and Manny in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, had died.

However, we are happy to report that Rodrick has not died! And we are perhaps victims of a late April fool’s joke?

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which features the day to day misadventures of Greg Heffley, is a series of children’s books written by Jeff Kinney.

Four installments of the book were adapted into movies by 20th Century Fox. And of the many characters created by Kinney Greg’s older brother Roderick Heffley became one of the most beloved with fans.

In the movies, the character was played by Canadian actor and all-round hunk, Devon Bostick. His smoldering emo good looks gave him a devoted legion of teenage fangirls.

So why did people think Roderick Heffley had been killed off?

The confusion arose when a page on Fandom.com stated that he had died at the start of book 8 (Hard Luck).

According to the page’s author, he crashed his van into a river, causing the budding musician to die in a watery grave. The reason for his erratic driving was apparently a lack of focus due to missing out on his morning coffee.

This was when the web post got really strange; it stated Roderick had been a secret agent!

“Being an Ex-CIA operative who operated during The Cold War (although he did betray his country), Rodrick should have been able to escape, but he was high off of four Xanax bars.”

The prankster author then proceeded to state that the Jeff Kinney book documented “Rodrick’s chilling last moments.” They write that “his death was painful, long, drawn-out.”

A strange plotline for a beloved and respected children’s author, I think you’d agree.

Don’t worry folks, it never happened. Greg’s annoying and stupid older brother is very much alive in the books after number 8.

Fans on Twitter were upset to hear of Rodrick Heffley’s supposed death

This is a joke that looks to have gotten out of hand for many, and to say fans were unimpressed with this news would be a massive understatement.

Many fans took to Twitter to vent their surprise and disappointment at the supposed death.

Some Twitter users said they were “crying”


One user said that now Roderick was dead, “everything is worse now.”

Not everyone was particularly bothered though; one user said they could have gone their “entire life without knowing that Roderick Heffley died but ok.”

Here’s hoping Roderick Heffley has a long and fulfilling life.

Roderick hasn’t been the only death hoax in recent times: last week, it was reported that Kevin Durant was no longer for this world after developing COVID-19, thankfully the rumors were not true, and he has recovered from the virus.

Meanwhile, at the end of last year, reports emerged that Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan was deceased. Again, it turned out that he was the victim of a celebrity death hoax.

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2 years ago

I cannot believe Rodrick is dead :(

not my rodrick
not my rodrick
2 years ago

rip rodrick

2 years ago

rodrick :””(((( </3

Some Girl
Some Girl
1 year ago

This is the saddest thing ever. I am literally in tears right now. I came back here because I could never forget this tragedy.

1 year ago

Such a sad way to go:((((( He will forever be in our hearts. And in our stomachs. And in our lungs. And in our kidneys. And in our spleens. I’ve carved his name into my skin. Pieces of his decomposing body are chained to the radiator in my basement. my love for Rodrick Heffley is infinite and eternal; not even the collapse of the sun could halt my pure obsession as it plummets through dimensions at unspeakable and immeasurable swiftness. I am using this powerful passion for him to create a shrine in my closet to potentially resurrect him. My wife left me for this, but it will all be worth it once I see his marvelous emo face once again. I love you, Rodrick.

5 months ago

This is fake. He isn’t dead :)