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Kevin Durant is not dead: KD recovered from coronavirus scare, ready to play again

Kevin Durant is not dead: KD recovered from coronavirus scare, ready to play tomorrow
Kevin Durant has recovered from coronavirus. Pic credit: NBA/YouTube

A lot of people started to freak out when they heard that Kevin Durant reportedly died due to his coronavirus diagnosis.

While not many fans knew where this information came from, the rumor apparently spread because of certain people who were watching the live stream on the NBA YouTube page on Thursday.

The league offered a classic NBA playoff game to help fans sequestered during the coronavirus pandemic find some entertainment.

Kevin Durant dead?

The game that aired between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics was Game 6 of the Eastern Finals. For that reason, there was no real reason to talk about Kevin Durant during this game.

However, one person kept writing “R.I.P. Kevin Durant” in the comments section before adding a string of crying-face emoji. The person delivering this information would wait a while and then repeat the same statement.

Kevin Durant dead
A YouTuber started a rumor that Kevin Durant was dead. Pic credit: NBA/YouTube

In fact, the social media user repeated that statement until enough people saw what he asserted and ended up asking questions.

So, even though the rumor was completely false, certain fans were scared enough to head to Twitter to ask about whether or not what the social media user said was true.

The good news is that not only is Kevin Durant very much alive, but he has actually recovered from COVID-19. Even better, some people think he is ready to play again.

Kevin Durant’s NBA return

Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors after winning titles there before joining the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving.

However, Durant was already hurt and has not yet played a game for the Nets. The coronavirus scare was simply KD’s latest setback.

With that said, Billy Reinhardt of SB Nation stated that not only has Kevin Durant returned to good health after contracting the coronavirus, but he also looks great.

This should not be very surprising given most people who get COVID-19 reportedly recover with little to no symptoms. In fact, those generally in good health, such as professional athletes, are said to recover quicker than many others.

But that’s not all.

Reinhardt also said that “from those little video snippets that we’ve seen, he looks good. He looks like himself. He looks like a player that could step in and play today.”

Now, while Kevin Durant could conceivably step back in and play as soon as the NBA returns from the league’s coronavirus halt, there is apparently no reason for that to happen.

The Brooklyn Nets currently sit at 30-34. Sure, they are in contention when the league returns, but the team has little chance of doing much, even with Durant back.

Reinhardt said, “My understanding is — from this point on — he can play. It’s now a question (of) is the team comfortable, is he comfortable?”

The best thing for the Brooklyn Nets seems to be for Kevin Durant to sit until next season and then bring him back stronger than ever.

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