Daft Punk broke up the same day Bobby Shmurda got released and it gave the internet all kinds of feelings

Daft Punk
Conspiracies ran wild as Daft Punk announced their split on the same day Bobby Shmurda walked free. Pic credit: ©

On Tuesday, February 23, Bobby Shmurda – real name Ackquille Pollard – was released from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. He will be under community supervision until his full sentence is completed on February 23, 2026.

While the hip-hop community rejoices, for some his release hasn’t come without a price. On the same day as the rapper’s early release, iconic French duo Daft Punk also announced they were splitting up after 28 years in the music industry.

Their breakup marks the end of one of the most influential pioneers in electronic dance music. The duo became well known for their robot headgear and classic tracks such as One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

The split was announced in an eight-minute-long YouTube video titled Epilogue.

While the news has shaken fans and musicians alike, it has also sparked some hilarious conspiracy memes on Twitter.

Bobby won. But at what cost?

A soul for a soul.

“There’s always a price” wrote one fan.

Why did Bobby go to jail?

In 2014, Bobby Shmurda was a rapper on the rise after becoming responsible for the viral craze “Shmoney dance” alongside fellow artist Rowdy Rebel.

On October 19, 2016, Shmurda, among others including his brother Jayese, was arrested for multiple felonies including conspiracy to murder, assault, weapon possession, and drug dealing.

Cops arrested Shmurda in late 2014 outside a recording studio just days after he performed his debut single Hot Boy on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Authorities said they found a small amount of crack cocaine in his car, alongside two handguns.

Although Shmurda pleaded guilty in a plea deal to two counts of conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon, he later tried to withdraw from the plea and claimed he was “forced” to take it by his attorney.

Shmurda officially became a free man at around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 23, after being released 10 months earlier than anticipated.

Quavo teases collaboration with Bobby Shmurda

According to Billboard, fellow rapper Quavo revealed plans to personally collect Shmurda from prison.

“I’m going to get my guy,” said Quavo. “I’m personally gonna go pick up Bobby Shmurda. I’m bout to go get him. I’m gonna let him show you how I’m gonna pick him up, yessir.”

The Migos frontman is already looking forward to Bobby Shmurda’s return to music. “It’s gonna be big,” Quavo added.

Quavo previously teased a “Shmigo” collaboration on Twitter back in 2019. Now Bobby is free, fans could be expecting new music from the pair very soon.

Eager to show his support, Quavo shared a video on his Instagram of the pair stepping off a plane accompanied by a small entourage, following Bobby’s release.

“Did Six And Didn’t Switch Welcome Home!” Wrote Quavo.

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