Cyhi the Prynce claims assassination attempt: Atlanta rapper makes an emotional appeal for peace

Rapper Cyhi the Prynce
Rapper Cyhi the Prynce says he survived an assassination attempt. Pic credit: @djgregstreet/YouTube

Rapper Cyhi the Prynce (Cydel Charles Young) says he escaped an assassination attempt over the weekend while driving on an Atlanta highway.

The rapper, who is from the city, took to his Instagram on Sunday, February 14, to share with his fans a photo of his badly damaged SUV and a lengthy statement.

He explained that the car was damaged during an attempt on his life “a couple of nights ago.”

According to Cyhi, unidentified assailants started shooting at him while he was driving his Bentley SUV on the highway.

He tried to escape from them but they pursued him and continued shooting until his car flipped, hit a pole, and crashed into a tree.

He said they continued shooting at him even after his car flipped.

Atlanta PD responded to a car crash incident on February 11

TMZ reported that Atlanta PD confirmed they responded to a car crash incident that happened at 11:41 pm on February 11.

They found Cyhi at the scene of the incident. He told them that a red Maserati chased him on the highway and someone started shooting at him from the vehicle until he lost control and crashed.

Cyhi reportedly told police that he escaped unhurt from the vehicle and fled into the woods to escape the shooter.

“A couple nights ago there was an attempt on my life… somebody tried to gun me down on the highway,” Cyhi wrote on Instagram. “I tried everything I could do to lose them, but they were adamant about taking me off this earth.”

“They were shooting at me while I was driving and even after my car flipped, hit a pole and crashed into a tree, they came back and shot the car up some more,” he added.–dpVJC/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=loading

Cyhi the Prynce makes an emotional appeal for peace

Cyhi wrote that he wasn’t sure why his assailants wanted to take him out. He claimed that he hasn’t “been in the streets in more than a decade”.

He wondered whether the attempt on his life was a robbery or a case of mistaken identity.

Referencing his faith in “my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” he tried to use his social media platform to reach out to his enemies, asking what he could do to settle with them.

“I just want to know why and if there is anything I can do to fix the issue,” he said.

He also appealed to the influential players in the Atlanta rap and hip-hop industry to come together to stop the violence that has led to the death of many young and promising talents in the industry.

“I understand there’s a lot of beef going on in my city between different crews, that is fueled by the music… but it is time that we all have a sit down and have a peace meeting,” he wrote.

Rap fans react on Twitter

Rapper Cyhi the Prynce has been getting a lot of love and support on social media since he shared the news of the alleged attempt on his life.

Cyhi the Prynce is a Kanye West collaborator. He signed to West’s GOOD Music label in 2010 and appeared on his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

He has also released several mixtapes, including BHP II: NAACP (2015).

He released his debut album No Dope on Sundays in 2017.

In other news, rapper 18veno was recently killed in a shooting incident in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, NBA YoungBoy associate Lil Pap was recently indicted in the shooting death of rival rapper Gee Money.

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