Chrissy Teigen surprises husband John Legend with math-off championship

red carpet image of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Chrissy Teigen surprised her husband with a math-off championship. Pic credit: ©

Model Chrissy Teigen and her friend, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, surprised their husbands with an exciting math-off championship. Teigen took to Instagram to share some photos of the event, including one with a special guest.

The 36-year-old model has been making the most of her return back to social media. After a public outcry about her “bullying” behavior, Teigen decided to step away from Instagram and Twitter.

However, she has since made a triumphant return to both platforms — but not without a few humble posts reflecting on her past behavior.

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She has seemed to move on from the controversy, choosing to share her recent family activities and travels instead.

Teigen plans math-off championship

Teigen and Atkin both took their husbands by surprise by planning their “3rd annual math-off championship” while vacationing in London. Teigen posted a series of images on her Instagram account, showing off her show-stopping decorations.

The two best friends dressed up in shimmery black gowns as they hosted the friendly competition, which was complete with a banner, streamers, and balloons. Sharing their experience, Teigen wrote, “told them we were going to a private screening room to watch House of Gucci so they were very disappointed for a minute but you’ve never seen two dudes love math so much.”

She continued to gush about the event, expressing that they “stepped it up” a notch by inviting a special guest. “@jenatkinhair and I stepped it up this year with the final question being read by THE ACTUAL legend @billnye!!!! thank you @kelsledford for getting all the goods to London and congrats to John for knowing basic high school math competition questions,” concluded the model.

Teigen reflects on her fun trip to London

In addition to their fun math-off, the Teigen-Legend household has been living their best lives in London. Sharing an Instagram photo of a Mary Poppins playbill, Teigen wrote, “our trip has finally come to an end and I’m very sad. London has been an absolute dream. we have felt so much love from strangers here and truly enjoyed more of the city than we ever have.”

She continued to write, “we usually keep to ourselves on holiday and often joke that vacations are just us watching the same shows in a different city but I’m proud of us this time around! From the London dungeon to the Eye to Tower Bridge to Bond St to the Kit Kat club to the farmhouse to the Cotswolds, we finished off our trip seeing some incredible talents perform in Mary Poppins and phew I am in awe at the whole production and all these massive triple threats.”

She ended her caption by thanking London for being “such a dream.”

With her latest cookbook having just dropped in October 2021, not much is known about what Teigen is working on this year. But given that she ended 2021 with a bang, she might have something big cooking for this year.

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