Chanyeol scandal: Exo singer is accused of cheating by ‘ex-girlfriend’ with flight attendant and more

Park Chanyeol being interviewed
Park Chanyeol has been the subject of rumors that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, but fans have leaped to his defense. Pic credit: CLEO Singapore/ YouTube

Singer Park Chanyeol of Korean boyband EXO has become the subject of online rumors that he cheated on his girlfriend.

On Wednesday night (Oct 28), a post surfaced in an online community of an individual claiming to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend. They accused the 27-year-old singer and songwriter of having multiple affairs with other women while they dated.

They also uploaded numerous photographs that appeared to show the EXO singer in the company of other women; however, the poster had blacked out the images of the people in question. The post has since been deleted.

Koreaboo first reported that in the lengthy post, Chanyeol’s accuser claims that she only discovered his indiscretions as they approached their third anniversary.

Claims Park Chanyeol cheated with 10 women

The accuser claims Chanyeol cheated with at least ten women while she was completely unaware and sleeping at home; “While I was sleeping peacefully, you were always busy playing around.”

She carried on, stating that the singer had messed around with a wide variety of girl group members, DJs, dancers, flight attendants, and YouTubers.

The poster finished up by saying she had recently broken up with Chanyeol and that he had telephoned to try to win her back. However, when she confronted him over the cheating, she says he didn’t deny it.

Chanyeol’s label SM Entertainment has reportedly released a statement of sorts regarding the allegations. Referencing the original post accusing Chanyeol, they said: “There is no official position for this post.”

Neither Chanyeol nor his band, EXO, have yet addressed the allegations, and at this point there is no way to prove or disprove the allegations; they remain completely unsubstantiated.

Fans defend Park Chanyeol in scandal

Chanyeol’s legions of fans have leaped to his defense, with many now poring over the online photographs to scrutinize their validity.

One fan on Twitter suggested that in one of the pics, the star was clearly kissing, or perhaps sniffing, a bunch of flowers.

Tweet defending Chanyeol
Pic credit: @lustrousloey/ Twitter

Other fans have wondered why the poster felt the need to black out the entire bodies of the so-called ‘other women’ rather than just the faces. It suggests that the poster may have been trying to fool people into thinking there were women present.

Second tweet defending Chanyeol
Pic credit: @igeonoverdosexo/ Twitter

Many fans, such as the one above, have also said that they are waiting to hear an explanation from Chanyeol himself before passing judgment on the rumors.

Earlier this year, another of EXO’s stars found themselves in a controversial situation, after announcing his engagement along with expectant fatherhood, Chen found himself apologizing to fans over the shock news.

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2 years ago

dont believe what you see on the internet. I hope that anti is sued. What is wrong with her?