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Chen of EXO: K-Pop idol apologizes to fans, especially EXO-L, over engagement and fiancee’s pregnancy announcement

Chen of EXO in Lotto
Chen, one of the K-pop idol members of EXO, recently apologized to fans about his engagement announcement. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

In K-pop today, EXO is one of the more popular “veteran” acts still performing.

Originally consisting of 12 members, six performing in Korean, and the other six in Mandarin (Chinese), the boy group has evolved since their debut eight years ago.

With EXO’s members getting older, it is only natural its members start thinking about the long term not just in their careers but also in their personal lives. However, EXO is still one of the more popular “veteran” acts still performing.

As a result, many K-pop fans have strong opinions of EXO members being in relationships, as proven by their disdain for Kai dating Jennie of Black Pink.

Earlier this year, EXO member Chen announced he was engaged to be married. Now he is apologizing to fans for that announcement.

Chen apologizes for having a love life

On Wednesday, Chen wrote a heartfelt letter to all his fans concerning last month’s announcement about his engagement and his fiancee’s pregnancy.

The following are the more important parts of the letter.

“I’m worried that I might hurt you through poor wording, but I want to first off apologize to everyone who has waited for all that time. I also want to express my apologies to EXO-L who must have been very surprised and taken aback by my sudden news.

When I first wrote that letter, it was my first time too experiencing such a thing, so I worried a lot about what I should say to EXO-L who’ve been together with me. Still, I wrote a letter because I thought that I needed to personally tell all of you first… however, my unintentionally lacking and poor wording caused disappointment and hurt, and seeing you experience that made my heart ache as well.

I don’t know if my feelings will be conveyed well, but I’m sincerely grateful for the love that you’ve given me and I’m more aware than anyone else that I am who I am now because of that love.”

In short, Chen is apologizing for keeping K-pop fans in the dark about this part of his personal life. Cultural differences aside, this was probably one of the toughest things for Chen to do.

On one side, he is a K-pop idol. Fans, especially Koreans, know what kind of life they live. On the other hand, he is just a regular guy who loves and feels just like anyone else.

Will Chen’s engagement and fiancee’s pregnancy affect his career?

At this point, it is unknown if Chen’s recent engagement and fiancee’s pregnancy will affect his career as a K-pop idol. It is quite possible he’ll be back doing what he does alongside his fellow groupmates in EXO.

If Chen’s engagement and fiancee’s pregnancy does affect his career as a K-pop idol in EXO, it is not the end of the world. For starters, his career could move in a different direction, one in which the fans are more mature.


For starters, Chen is a ballad singer so he can make a more prominent career singing those kinds of songs. Secondly, Chen can always partake in television.

Since he is going to be a father, Return of Superman sounds like a great opportunity. The show has helped fans see certain Korean actors, especially the foreign ones, in a new light.

Chen’s career isn’t over just because he chose to have a life outside of being a K-pop idol. Sooner or later, all K-pop idols will have to move on from that “kind of life and representation.”

For Chen, he just had to move forward suddenly now that he has a child on the way.

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