Brooke Shields celebrates daughter Grier’s modeling career as the two pose side by side for new campaign

Brooke Shields at an auction in New York City.
Brooke Shields tapped into her emotions during an in-depth interview with InStyle magazine while talking about her daughter taking after her in her modeling career. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Shields wants the world to know she is one proud mama.

The former Calvin Klein model, 56, shared an intimate moment with one of her daughters as the two posed side-by-side for a new Victoria’s Secret’s Intergenerational Mother’s Day campaign.

Speaking with InStyle magazine about the memorable experience, Brooke had nothing but positive things to say about sharing the spotlight and watching her daughters grow into young women.

Brooke said it was a ‘proud moment’ for her to model next to her daughter

In the in-depth interview, Brooke raved about sharing the modeling bug with her daughters, namely discussing the special bond she and Grier have been able to form as the 15-year-old endeavors to make her own mark in the modeling world.

“It was very emotional and it was as if I was watching my baby girl grow up right in front of my eyes. It was truly a proud moment to be able to model alongside my daughter for such a meaningful campaign,” Brooke told the magazine, adding that being with such “dynamic women” for the campaign really spoke to Victoria’s Secret’s “dedication to celebrating all women.”

Brooke later discussed her feelings as a mother as she watched her daughter enter the “scary world” of modeling and admitted that she was nervous and scared for her.

“She has a really good head on her shoulders,” she said of her teenager, saying later that she would like to see her daughter continue to participate in “meaningful” campaigns.

“I would absolutely love for Grier to continue to participate in meaningful and inspiring campaigns like this, that empower the love that women have for each other. I think it is so important for her to understand that true beauty derives from loving yourself and others. For her to participate in modeling ventures that embrace women in so many facets of their lives is such a gift in this industry,” Brooke stated.

Brooke had fans sharing emotions after posting a heartfelt message about the campaign on Instagram

Sharing a video clip of the campaign photoshoot she enjoyed with Grier, Brooke got her followers feeling all the feels after captioning the shot, saying, “To be able to shoot this campaign with my daughter and to showcase the beauty of our relationship was a dream come true.”

Pic credit: @brookeshields/Instagram

“Oh my goodness that IS exactly it. I’m in the midst of the teen years with my two and what you said is spot on! The pain that comes with loving that much… whew,” penned one follower who seemed to be fully understanding and appreciative of Brooke’s message.

Others joined the supporters, posting comments like “This is making me bawl!!” “Beautiful ❤️❤️,” and “Beautiful campaign. I know your own relationship with your mom was so complicated, as was with my own mom. I imagine you are a great mom to your girls . ???”

Pic credit: @brookeshields/Instagram

Brooke currently resides in New York with her husband Chris Henchy and daughters Grier, 15, and Rowan Francis, who is 18.

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