Brooke Shields poses topless at 56 for Jordache Spring 2022 Campaign

Brooke Shields on the red carpet with silver earrings
Brooke Shields poses shirtless for Jordache’s newest campaign. Pic credit: ©

Even at 56-years-old, Brooke Shields has become the face – or legs – of the popular denim brand, Jordache.

The Blue Lagoon actress, along with the vintage jean company, have both taken to social media to announce the campaign to all of their followers.

Brooke Shields looks better than ever in new photos that feature her wearing Jordache denim

The new campaign is part of Jordache’s 2022 spring release, titled “You’ve Got The Look.”

For Shield’s latest Instagram post, the first campaign photo shows her from the back wearing only a pair of form-fitting denim with the Jordache logo on the pocket.

In this scroll-stopping photo, her bare muscular back is exposed with her arms folded over her chest. Her highlighted, wavy hair also has the exact amount of “flowing in the wind” aspect any campaign would want. Although the jeans are supposed to be the star of the show here, Shields certainly is.

Shields announced in the photos, “So excited to share more images from my new @jordache campaign, inspired by their signature slogan: #youvegotthelook.”

The brand also posted the same photo on their official Instagram account to announce the new face of their campaign. The photo was accompanied by the caption, “Introducing @BrookeShields for Jordache #YouveGotTheLook.”

The coined phrase “You’ve Got The Look” stems from both the look of the clothing and different facial expressions that come out of different situations. No matter what the look is, Jordache is assuring – you’ve got it.

In an interview with People, Shields commented on the famous ad slogan. “‘You’ve Got The Look’ was iconic. Everybody was like, ‘Well, I want the look. You’ve got it, so I want it.’ Jordache was very much a part of that barrier-breaking mentality. They celebrate the idea of being sexy and bold and they’ve always featured strong, hard-working, ambitious women in their campaigns. It was never just about models. I’ve always appreciated that – it celebrates a different type of advertising and puts the focus on female strength.”

Jordache followed up the announcement post with a hilarious promotional video, which shows Shields laying on her back while zipping up her jeans. She gets a text that says “Let’s go we are late” as she looks at the camera and “You’ve Got The Look” flashes across the screen.

Shields also posted another promotional video of her on her laptop, when she receives an alert that a team meeting has been canceled and removed from her calendar. In excitement, she stands up with her hands in the jean pockets and looks at the camera – while the same slogan again shows up on the screen.

Along with the promotional videos, other photos for the campaign include Brooke in pair of Jordache black jeans, dark grey jeans, and ripped flare jeans. Her confidence and timeless beauty radiate in each of the new campaign photos and fans have been quick to show their excitement.

Shields was clear with Jordache about retouching the photos

Brooke explained how important authenticity was for the campaign photos.

She said, “It was important for you to see this is my 56-year-old body and to fight the retouching,” she said. “I’m always like, ‘You better keep it honest.’ And we did.”

Brooke went on to explain how she upped her exercise routine with early morning workouts so she would feel more confident than ever during her photoshoot with the brand. She shared how the idea of the shoot was not about “angry empowerment” but rather owning one’s sexuality at an older age.

With complete authenticity and relatability to its audience, the company has been put on the map larger than ever before.

Liz Berlinger, the President of Jordache, raved about Brooke as the official face of their new campaign. “We are excited to work with Brooke Shields. Like Jordache, she is iconic in fashion. We have watched her grow from a young girl into an incredible woman, mother, and entrepreneur,” she said.

“Throughout it all she has remained authentic and an inspiration to women everywhere.”

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