Britney Spears dances to Rihanna song in a yellow crop top and tiny shorts

Britney Spears yellow crop top
Britney Spears is rumored to give her first interview since her conservatorship legal battle victory. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears recently donned a yellow crop top and tiny shorts as she got sweaty to a Rihanna song.

The 40-year-old pop star loves a good dance workout as she continues to express herself now that her conservatorship has ended.

Things are looking up for the Toxic singer as she recently landed a lucrative book deal following her spat with Jamie Spears, who recently released a memoir.

Britney also wants to move from her Los Angeles home and find a new home with her longtime partner Sam Ashgari.

Britney Spears gets a workout in a crop top and tiny shorts

The mother of two shared another workout video, rocking barely-there shorts and a yellow crop top.

She shared the Instagram video with her 39.9 million followers dancing to Rihanna’s song Man Down.

The pop legend put her slender physique on display and let her hair loose as she put on a high-paced dance routine in a sped-up video.

“Loud !!!!” she wrote in the caption as she showed off her dancing skills similar to her on-stage performances.

Britney posted a video earlier getting sweaty with another dance routine as she looked happy in the highly energetic routine.

In the caption, she left an inspirational message to her followers.

“Last night … I let go for the first time in a very long time !!!! I sweat my ass off ? !!! Good to share … good to improve yourself … good to push yourself !!! Get your fucking hands up ? !!!!! ???????????????????????”

Britney Spears invited to testify in Congress about her conservatorship

In an Instagram post last week, Spears shared a letter from members of Congress that congratulated her and her lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, on their legal victory ending her 13-year conservatorship.

A judge freed Spears from conservatorship in November last year, ending the agreement that had allowed her father and the courts to control her life and finances.

Her caption read, “An invitation to share my story … I was immediately flattered and at the time I wasn’t nearly at the healing stage I’m in now … Number 1 – I’m grateful that my story was even ACKNOWLEDGED ?.”

The letter came about one month after the end of the conservatorship, and she continued in the caption, revealing how much the validation from Congress helped her.

“Because of the letter ✉️, I felt heard and like I mattered for the first time in my life !!! In a world ? where your own family goes against you, it’s actually hard to find people that get it and show empathy ?‍♀️? !!!!”

“There is no doubt that your story will empower countless others outside the millions that are already inspired by you and your art,” the letter read, in part.

Although Britney was grateful to be offered the opportunity to share her story, she ultimately explained that she’s not quite ready for that step.

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