Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley back together again for a breakfast date after split

aaron rodgers and shailene woodley
NFL star Aaron Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley reunited a week after reports of their breakup. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia & Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

A week after reports arrived that Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley had split up, the two reunited for a breakfast date in Los Angeles. The sighting came a day after Rodgers shared an intriguing social media post related to his love of Woodley and his football teammates, which he explained further in an interview.

Based on an E! News report, the couple was spotted together at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles this past Tuesday, and a source told the outlet that they were dining alone.

“They came to the cafe for breakfast and just sat outside at a table together,” the source told E! News, adding, “They didn’t hang out too long.”

Photo surfaced of Woodley and Rodgers’ breakfast date

A photo arrived on Twitter that shows the couple at the Erewhon Market. Rodgers is standing a short distance from the line at the counter, while Woodley is at the food counter.

The NFL star is wearing jeans with a blue hoodie, a blue bandana made into a mask, and a grey winter hat on his head. Woodley is seen in a long light brown coat, jeans, and a black mask as she looks at the food counter.

Rodgers explained ‘cryptic’ post about Woodley, teammates

Earlier this week, Aaron Rodgers shared a heartfelt message and photo series on his Instagram. One of the photos showed Woodley and Rodgers cozy on a couch with the actress resting her head on Rodgers.

The IG post arrived after reports surfaced the prior week that Rodgers and Woodley had split up. In his post’s caption, Rodgers expressed his love for Woodley, whom he’d been engaged to since February 2021 or earlier.

“Thanks for letting me chase after you the first couple months after we met and finally letting me catch up to you and being part of your life,” he said in his IG post’s caption on Monday. “Thanks for always having my back, for the incredible kindness you show me and everyone you meet, and for showing me what unconditional love looks like. I love you and am grateful for you.”

That particular part of the IG post had many individuals wondering if it was possible that Rodgers and Woodley didn’t split up. The caption also featured Rodgers giving love to the Packers and specific teammates, prompting some to wonder if maybe he was planning to retire from football.

He appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, the same day as his breakfast outing with Woodley. McAfee asked him about his Instagram post during the chat, which many people quickly labeled as “cryptic” as they thought it meant something possibly about his career.

Rodgers explained he’d just done a 12-day cleanse, which helped clear up mental stress and “re-center” himself. He mentioned once he came out of that 12-day cleanse, he felt immense gratitude for many individuals in his life.

“That was just where I was at. I was going through some old pictures from the last year and felt an intense amount of gratitude for the life that I have and for the lessons that I’ve learned and the growth that’s happened over the last year and the people who’ve been a part of that journey,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers also praised Shailene Woodley in interview

During his time on The Pat McAfee Show this past week, Rodgers also brought up Woodley, mentioning that having a “stable” home life and “amazing partner” has also helped his career.

“When your home life is stable, and you have an amazing partner to do life with, it just makes the work life a bonus,” he said during the interview. “I’ve been with you two years, won two MVPs — that’s not a coincidence either.”

He also heaped praise on Woodley as an “incredible woman, talented smart, kind.”

“She taught me what unconditional love looks like, and that’s a great gift,” he said while speaking with McAfee.

Woodley and Rodgers began dating sometime in the second half of 2020. During her appearance on The Tonight Show in February 2021, Woodley confirmed she and Rodgers had been engaged “for a while” ahead of the circulating rumors.

Last Wednesday, a report via People indicated a source said Rodgers and Woodley had split up a year after the engagement reveal. However, that seems unconfirmed.

The couple has been very private about their relationship, so it’s unclear where things are at if they even broke up at all. Based on the breakfast date, they may be still together, working on their situation, or remaining friends.

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