A Resident Evil Netflix original series is coming

The story of the Umbrella Corporation is coming back. Netflix is reportedly working on an original series based on the popular Resident Evil franchise. The streaming service reportedly decided to revive the Resident Evil story after the movies ended the story of Alice and the Umbrella Corporation in 2016. The television show will not be

Chelsea Handler guest stars on Will & Grace as high-powered lesbian Donna

Chelsea Handler is bringing her comedy to the new episode of Will & Grace, and NBC is billing it as a night that viewers don’t want to miss. Handler plays Donna in the new episode called “Family, Trip.” Donna, a high-powered lesbian, is a new client for Grace (played by Debra Messing) who takes up

Polar on Netflix: Cast, reviews, and all you need to know

Polar is a brand new movie that was released on Netflix on January 25, 2019. The movie is about a top assassin, Duncan Vizla, who has decided to retire. While he’s enjoying his retirement, his former employer suddenly believes that he’s a liability and soon he finds himself the target of assassins. The movie has

New Survivor cast: Edge of Extinction castaways revealed by CBS

The new Survivor cast has been announced. While there had been rumors and images about the upcoming season, CBS has now revealed the full Edge of Extinction cast. There are 18 castaways on the new Survivor cast. Four of them are returnees who were previously revealed — Aubry Bracco from “Kaoh Rong” and “Game Changers,”

Will you be able to watch Leaving Neverland documentary online?

Leaving Neverland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last week, and since the premiere people around the country have been Googling frantically trying to find out where they can watch it. We previously told how Leaving Neverland is set to come out in March of this year on HBO. But, what about online streaming services?

The Walking Dead: Alpha teaser trailer finally arrives

The Walking Dead just released its first Alpha teaser trailer and social media is buzzing. Ahead of the second half of Season 9, AMC has released a trailer where one of the main new characters is featured. The Alpha teaser trailer, which is shared below, shows that there is a lot of drama coming in

Ben Affleck out as Batman: Why is he quitting the role?

Although not really a surprise to Bat-fans, Ben Affleck and Warner Bros. have made it official. Affleck will no longer be playing Batman. It seems that he hardly even got started appearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and briefly in Suicide Squad, and the actor is out. But why? It’s a

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards reportedly split: Why did Gage move out?

Jeff Lewis dropped a bombshell this morning on his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live. He revealed that last night, Gage Edwards decided to pack up his things and move out of their shared Los Angeles home. Surprisingly, Lewis revealed that he felt it was necessary for him to share this news with the