Polar on Netflix: Cast, reviews, and all you need to know

Polar is a brand new movie on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Polar is a brand new movie that was released on Netflix on January 25, 2019. The movie is about a top assassin, Duncan Vizla, who has decided to retire.

While he’s enjoying his retirement, his former employer suddenly believes that he’s a liability and soon he finds himself the target of assassins.

The movie has an incredible cast, including Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as Duncan Vizla. The movie also stars Vanessa Hudgens as Camille, Kathryn Winnick as Vivian, Matt Lucas as Blut, Robbert Maillet as Karl, and Fei Ren as Hilde.

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The movie is based on a graphic novel of the same name and because it has something to live up to, the reviews are mixed.

The movie has only received 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, with people slamming the movie for being “stupid,” an “ultra-violent action flick,” and a movie with a target audience of “teenage boys.”

Some readers on IMDB gave the movie slightly more credit, giving the movie an average of 6.3 stars out of 10. While some viewers expected the worst, they ended up loving the movie.

One person gave the movie an 8/10, revealing that the movie may not be for everyone, while another gave it a perfect 10/10 for following the silly, over-the-top, and gory style of comic books.

Since the movie is based on graphic novels, there are several volumes that are not covered in Polar, the movie. So naturally, there’s a question of whether this will turn into a franchise.

Director Jonas Åkerlund reveals that Polar primarily focuses on the first graphic novel, but they did borrow some ideas from the second and third books.

Plus, they also made up some things to make the movie what they wanted. While there’s still more story to be told, Jonas had no comments about another movie at present time.

Polar is currently available on Netflix.

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