Celebrity Big Brother casting rumors: Who will be joining Season 2?

Celebrity Big Brother is set to return in just under three weeks. At this point, the cast has not yet been announced but that hasn’t stopped the speculation from running wild. So, who are the top celebrities that are rumored to be on Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother? Dina Lohan It looks like CBS

Love After Lockup star Brittany Santiago reveals she is not pregnant

Love After Lockup is the newest addiction to consume reality television viewers. Season 2 is just getting started and Brittany and Marcelino were the focus of the most recent episode. Now, everyone is focused on what these two have been up to since filming the show. During the press circuit before Love After Lockup began,

The Curse of Oak Island: Team may have found the elusive underground tunnels

The new year has arrived bright and shiny, and does that mean that The Curse of Oak Island’s treasure crew will find something equally lustrous on the first episode of the New Year? In the preview for tonight’s two-hour special episode of History’s hit show, Gary Drayton excitedly proclaims while wielding his metal detector, “this