The Masked Singer: Who are the celebrities behind the masks?

The Masked Singer is a brand new singing competition that will premiere tonight on FOX. The premise of the show is interesting and different than American Idol and The Voice. In fact, the competitors are famous celebrities who will compete against one another and the judges have to guess who is behind the mask. The

Justin Bieber’s face tattoo: All you need to know

Justin Bieber has revealed a brand new tattoo, but this one is making headlines because he chose to get it on his face. The pop singer has previously revealed that he loves art and he’s proud to use his body as a canvas, but many probably didn’t expect that he would get a face tattoo.

Travis Taylor: Who is astrophysicist on The Curse of Oak Island?

On History’s The Curse of Oak Island, the treasure-hunting team led by Rick and Marty Lagina has turned to astrophysicist Travis Taylor in the hope he can help them crack a centuries old mystery. Who is the man they think can lead them to the island’s fabled underground riches and artifacts? Travis is an aerospace

Cameron Dallas: Who is social media star arrested for alleged assault?

When it comes to 2018, Cameron Dallas might be happy it is over with after being arrested last weekend following allegations he assaulted someone. Cameron Dallas: Who is social media star? Cameron Dallas, 24, made his name by pulling pranks on friends and throwing them up on the internet. While it seems like someone just copying