Justin Bieber’s face tattoo: All you need to know

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has a new face tattoo, but in this photo from November, it’s not there. Pic credit: @justinbieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber has revealed a brand new tattoo, but this one is making headlines because he chose to get it on his face. The pop singer has previously revealed that he loves art and he’s proud to use his body as a canvas, but many probably didn’t expect that he would get a face tattoo.

This tattoo is rather new. He posted a selfie on November 19, which didn’t have the tattoo. In an Instagram post by Jon Boy Tattoo, fans can see the small tattoo located just above the right eyebrow.

It’s a simple word, “grace.” It’s written in what appears to be cursive handwriting, but very small. From a distance, the new ink may be hard to spot.

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According to Evening Standard, the new tattoo is believed to be a tribute to his wife, Hailey Rhode Baldwin. The two reportedly commemorated their relationship back in November with his-and-hers tattoos, but it’s uncertain whether this new face tattoo is Justin’s tribute to Hailey or if this is a separate tattoo.

Evening Standard speculates that it’s possible the couple got a “Style & Grace” tattoo, meaning Hailey’s tattoo reads “Style.” She has yet to show her ink off.

Of course, a face tattoo is rather controversial and it didn’t take long for Bieber’s fans to question his decision. Some fans support his decision to get the tattoo in tribute of his wife, while others have expressed disappointment and shock over the face tattoo.

CNN reported back in late November that Justin had confirmed that he was now a married man. The two got engaged in July and got a wedding license in September 2018. The news was later confirmed on Thanksgiving in November, where Justin revealed that this was his first Thanksgiving as a married man.

News.com.au is reporting that a website by the name of Bieberpedia claims that the pop singer has over 64 tattoos across his body. However, Bieber is said to think that his arms are only two tattoos respectively. You can judge yourself by exploring the photo that Bieber posted on his own Instagram in 2018 of his torso, completely covered in ink.

Justin Bieber and Hailey spent New Year’s Eve in Hawaii, according to People Magazine. Needless to say, these two had a big year, as they got married just a few months ago. The two recently got a dog together named Oscar, but they have no plans of having children anytime soon.

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