The Curse of Oak Island: Team may have found the elusive underground tunnels

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island
Rick Lagina talks about finding tunnels on The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The new year has arrived bright and shiny, and does that mean that The Curse of Oak Island’s treasure crew will find something equally lustrous on the first episode of the New Year?

In the preview for tonight’s two-hour special episode of History’s hit show, Gary Drayton excitedly proclaims while wielding his metal detector, “this lot’s got a lot of potential.” Soon he’s got a treasure in his hand, and it looks an awful lot like another bone fragment!

Alex Lagina tells us that, “with every handful he’s finding something significant,” and why wouldn’t he? Gary is the team member who has uncovered the most significant finds to date, the lead cross and two “bobby dazzlers” — pieces of jewelry that may confirm a Knights Templar presence in North America prior to Columbus’ footsteps.

The lead cross has been called maybe the most historic thing ever found in North America. In the last episode the team was given hope that this could be the case by Tobias Skowronek, a geochemist at the German Mining Museum.

Laser ablation previously determined that the cross was made of metal not from North America and Tobias confirmed this, saying that the lead isotopes are related to European deposits.

That’s the good news. The bad news was that he was not able to match the cross to any quarry within the 15th to 17th centuries. But wait, there’s more! Astonishingly, Tobias thought that the cross is pre-15th century which could mean that there is indeed a Templar connection.

Now, in the latest episode of The Curse of Oak Island, titled Rock Solid, Gary later exclaims, “Wow, now we’re getting interesting!”. We’ll have to tune in to see exactly what he’s dug up, but his discoveries lead archaeologist Laird Niven to exalt, “the fact that you found artifacts means it could be a shaft or tunnel that was filled in.”

Could it be that the team finally has proof of the elusive below-ground tunnels on Oak Island?

Rick Lagina neither confirms nor denies this tantalizing possibility, teasing, “That’s what we’re looking for, tunnels under Oak Island.”

Watch the preview clip below!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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