A Resident Evil Netflix original series is coming

Resident Evil
The original Resident Evil movie is from 2002. Pic credit: Constantin Film

The story of the Umbrella Corporation is coming back. Netflix is reportedly working on an original series based on the popular Resident Evil franchise.

The streaming service reportedly decided to revive the Resident Evil story after the movies ended the story of Alice and the Umbrella Corporation in 2016.

The television show will not be a retelling of the movie’s story. Instead, it will be a story about the inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world that has developed since the release of the deadly T-Virus, according to Den of Geek.

Those who worry that the Netflix television show won’t be true to the movies need not fear. Constantin Film, the German film studio responsible for all the Resident Evil films, will work closely with Netflix in this recreation.

However, it does seem that this new Resident Evil show will take a different direction, as Milla Jovovich may not return to the franchise for the show.

The final movie in the Resident Evil franchise seemed to wrap up Alice’s story quite nicely, so the show could develop new characters to continue to tell the story of the Umbrella Corporation.

Milla Jovovich doesn’t have any Resident Evil work in production at present time.

Of course, the Resident Evil movies are based on the video games, the first released in 1996. It was Capcom that created the first story of the Umbrella Corporation in that debut video game.

At present time, it’s uncertain whether Capcom will play a role in the new television series.

According to GameSpot, details are still vague but the report suggests that the new television show will stay true to the Resident Evil story that fans love, and will continue to go deeper into the evil world of the Umbrella Corporation.

The Resident Evil Netflix series has yet to receive a premiere date, but it sounds like it’s worth waiting for.

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