New Survivor cast: Edge of Extinction castaways revealed by CBS

Aubry Bracco on the Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast
Aubry Bracco is among the Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast. Pic credit: CBS

The new Survivor cast has been announced. While there had been rumors and images about the upcoming season, CBS has now revealed the full Edge of Extinction cast.

There are 18 castaways on the new Survivor cast. Four of them are returnees who were previously revealed — Aubry Bracco from “Kaoh Rong” and “Game Changers,” David Wright from “Millennials vs. Gen X,” Kelley Wentworth from “Blood vs. Water” and “Second Chance,” and Joe Anglim from “Worlds Apart” and “Second Chance.”

It’s an interesting mix of veterans and new players for the new season, bringing back some people who were definitely fan-favorites when they appeared on the show. Can one of the veterans defeat the 14 new players?

Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast

As CBS has stated, the new Survivor cast was divided into two equal tribes, the Manu Tribe and the Kama Tribe. A full Edge of Extinction cast list has also been provided by producers of the show.

Some of the interesting people on the new Survivor cast include former military man Dan “The Wardog” DaSilva, morning news anchor Rick Devens, Bronx waitress Victoria Baamonde, and teacher Ron Clark.

It’s a good mix of people and backgrounds that should make the new season a very exciting one for viewers.

The full list of castaways making up the Manu Tribe is: Dan DaSilva, Chris Underwood, Keith Sowell, Rick Devens, Wendy Diaz, Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, Reem Daly, and Lauren O’Connell.

Meanwhile, the Kama Tribe comprises Gavin Whitson, Ron Clark, Eric Hafemann, Joe Anglim, Julie Rosenberg, Aurora McCreary, Victoria Baamonde, Aubry Bracco, Julia Carter.

Survivor 2019 start date

The Survivor 2019 start date is Wednesday, February 20. This is the first Wednesday after the Celebrity Big Brother season finale airs on February 13. The schedule has been cleared for Survivor to take over this spring.

With new cast members, some interesting vets from the past, and a twist with the new island, Survivor 2019 has all the makings of a great season for the reality competition show. Once the Survivor return date hits on February 20, episodes will air every Wednesday night until the big finale in the spring. The last person standing will win the $1 million.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS, premiering on Wednesday, February 20.

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