Table tennis prodigies Sid and Nadan Naresh from Little Big Shots: How they got so good

This week’s Little Big Shots features an epic ping-pong battle between prodigies Sid and Nandan Naresh. The brothers are two of the most accomplished table-tennis players in the US, with 10-year-old Nandan ranked No1 in the under-10 boys category, while 12-year-old Sid is ranked No7 in the cadet boys’ singles (those aged 14 and under). The

Who is Russian aerial acrobat Svyatoslav Rasshivkin from Little Big Shots?

The talent on Little Big Shots soars to new heights this week — with an aerial-acrobatic routine by incredible 14-year-old Russian performer Svyatoslav Rasshivkin. The youngster is a circus acrobat, but is no stranger to television — having appeared on France’s Got Talent (the French equivalent of America’s Got Talent) in 2014. In the show he

Who are Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors from Little Big Shots?

This week’s Little Big Shots features an amazing performance from Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors. The trio of youngsters, whose name is sometimes shortened to Los Bañales Jr.,  have become YouTube sensations with their lively music, showing incredible talent for such a young age. One of them plays the accordion, another the guitar and the

Terra Jole’s book title causes fierce fights on Little Women: LA

The title of Little Women: LA star Terra Jole’s new tell-all book causes two huge fights on tonight’s episode of the Lifetime show. The memoir, which is set to be published in August, is titled Terra Jole: Fierce at Four Foot Two. But Jasmine Arteaga Sorge finds fault with the use of the word “fierce”. She