Exclusive first look at TLC’s new series Hair Goddess starring extensions queen Christina Oliva

Christina Oliva of Hair Goddess
Christina Oliva, star of TLC’s Hair Goddess

Meet the star of TLC’s new series Hair Goddess, Christina Oliva — a world-class hair extensions expert who changes people’s lives one strand at a time.

She looks kind of like a Kardashian, talks like animated icon Betty Boop, and is super-close with her big Italian family who she also employs.

This Staten Island Italian clan is boisterous, to say the least. Oliva wants an “empire” and has also opened a New York City salon.

But a lack of clients and a feeling they might have overshot the mark has Oliva second guessing in our exclusive video below.

The six-part summer series on TLC, which premieres on Wednesday, June 28, will take us from the small-time single Staten Island shop to the bigger Big Apple expansion. Will her family go along for this ride?

A true entrepreneur, Oliva is a self-made woman who takes her savvy to her new salon in Manhattan.

She was born to do hair, and at 18 years old created her own hair extension company from her parents’ garage.

Christina is widely known for her special technique of using tiny beads that match your hair color and texture perfectly and using 100 per cent human hair imported from Europe and the Middle East. She also uses no glue.

It took three years, but finally her clientele gave her enough seed money to dream bigger as she opened a salon of her own on Staten Island, eventually hiring her sisters and cousin as employees.

The TLC show will focus on the 48th street Olivia Christensen Salon location in New York, as her family help her try to grow her hair empire.

Will this new salon in the heart of Manhattan make her money? It’s a tough and crowded market in New York City, as we see Christina navigate and charm her way to a new level.

The dramatic heart of this series will revolve around her business and personal life, financial stressors and problematic employees.

And every episode includes a complete hair transformation as performed by Christina.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek of TLC’s Hair Goddess below:

The six-episode Hair Goddess series premieres on Wednesday, June 28, at 10/9c on TLC.

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