Hair Goddess exclusive: Christina Oliva faces closing salon if she can’t find help

On tonight’s Hair Goddess, Christina’s accountant sister Jenn reviews her Manhattan salon’s finances and then gives Christina some very valuable business advice. But it’s not what tough-as-nails Christina wants to hear. Her new Manhattan salon was goosed upward in big part from the exposure it got from a photo shoot with Resident Magazine on last

Hair Goddess exclusive: Psychic tells Christina Oliva one of her sisters might not work out

This week on TLC’s Hair Goddess, Christina Oliva meets with psychic Kim — whose track record of predictions and insights has sold the hair-extensions queen on her reliability as a medium. During her reading, Kim delivers some surprisingly on target predictions and correct observations about Christina’s business and her family. She also warns Christina about

Hair Goddess exclusive: Victoria’s nerves ahead of first Manhattan client

Christina Oliva’s sister Victoria is a bundle of nerves before her first Manhattan client on TLC’s Hair Goddess tonight — in an episode which sees her make a mistake so big she could end up fired. Watch our exclusive clip from this week’s episode of the show, titled Righting Wrongs and Wronging Rights, as Christina persuades

Hair Goddess exclusive: Staten Island ‘look’ doesn’t go unnoticed at NYC launch

The Staten Island “look” comes under the spotlight on TLC’s Hair Goddess tonight — when a fashion editor points out some glaring differences between Manhattanites and Island Girls. Christina Oliva hopes that Kristie Dash, senior editor at Obsessee, will post about her new Olivia Christensen Salon and its products, as she has thousands of online followers