Hair Goddess exclusive: Staten Island ‘look’ doesn’t go unnoticed at NYC launch

Christina Oliva talking to fashion editor Kristie Dash
Hair Goddess star Christina Oliva talks to fashion editor Kristie Dash at her launch party

The Staten Island “look” comes under the spotlight on TLC’s Hair Goddess tonight — when a fashion editor points out some glaring differences between Manhattanites and Island Girls.

Christina Oliva hopes that Kristie Dash, senior editor at Obsessee, will post about her new Olivia Christensen Salon and its products, as she has thousands of online followers and it will help draw in the clients.

Christina already knows that making a success of her business in Manhattan is going to be hard when she is facing the problem of perception.

And she is acutely aware at her launch party that many of the people there are “familiar faces” from back in Staten Island, dressed and glammed up in their own particular way.

Looking nervous in our exclusive clip below, Christina says: “I’m seeing a lot of familiar faces but I’m not seeing any new faces, and it’s extremely critical that we network with Kristie because she could really get our name out there.”

Kristie is very polite, but gives her honest opinion when she gives an interview in front of the camera with the Hair Goddess producers outside.

Kristie Dash talks to the camera outside the Olivia Christensen launch party
Kristie Dash gives her take on the salon launch party while standing outside

She says: “Everyone in there is very, um, how do I say this…you can kind of tell that they’re from Staten Island.

“No disrespect to Staten Island but it’s two very different worlds compared to New York.”

Back inside, Christina, sensing Kristie has noticed the particular look of the ladies at her launch, tells her: “So, we’re not from the city, we’re from Staten Island. So it’s been a little bit rough because…”

Kristie says: “Well, you need to know people. I feel like New York women, their hair, are so particular that they almost…they don’t want to switch it up.”

Kristie then walks around taking some photos on her phone while Christina looks on nervously. She says: “I am really nervous right now watching Kristie take pictures around the salon.

“Kristie has over 20,000 followers on Instagram and if she does post and promote our salon, that could result in a lot of new clients for us.”

Also on tonight’s episode, a citywide protest closes several streets near the salon putting a strain on Christina as she tries to pull off the launch party.

Meanwhile, cancer survivor Kim, a mom-of-two, comes to the NYC salon for a consultation, and Christina’s sister Jenn secures a big PR opportunity but the two sisters are at loggerheads over how the business will run.

Will the sisterly bickering affect their chances of success?

Hair Goddess airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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