Hair Goddess exclusive: Psychic tells Christina Oliva one of her sisters might not work out

Christina Oliva during her reading on Hair Goddess
Christina seeks counsel from Kim, a medium, on this week’s episode of Hair Goddess on TLC

This week on TLC’s Hair Goddess, Christina Oliva meets with psychic Kim — whose track record of predictions and insights has sold the hair-extensions queen on her reliability as a medium.

During her reading, Kim delivers some surprisingly on target predictions and correct observations about Christina’s business and her family.

She also warns Christina about some skin issue with her mother, but it is what she says about her two sisters that intrigues the most.

Initially, Kim’s visions correctly reveal information about Josie, Christina’s grandmother.

Then Kim has visions of her “numbers” sister Jen who is likely to get more involved in the salon, but says that Christina’s iffy little sister Victoria, who is less focused when it comes to the family business, is a wildcard.

Kim, the psychic medium, during her reading
Medium Kim takes a moment during her reading to Christina

Also on tonight’s hair-raising episode, Stuntman PR has created a public relations opportunity for Christina’s new Olivia Christensen salon in Manhattan, but it won’t be easy.

Christina needs to get Victoria and Anthony on the same page with her, as they are under the gun to create a 100-foot hair extension for a Resident magazine photo-shoot.

Victoria and Anthony, of course, assure Christina they are ready and up for the task but Christina still doubts Victoria’s commitment to the salon after her behavior when she left the joint installation of the twins on last week’s episode.

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Business is spotty, and Christina needs this photo-shoot to work. The salon has not established a robust and regular clientele and the PR efforts are critical to everyone’s survival.

Christina seems to be second-guessing having Victoria as her assistant and being involved in the salon.

But as we know, Victoria and Anthony are a tribe of two — so if she loses Victoria, will she lose Anthony too?

Hair Goddess airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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