Hair Goddess exclusive: Christina Oliva faces closing salon if she can’t find help

Christina Oliva on Hair Goddess
Christina’s face says it all as she speaks to Jenn about the finances of her salons on Hair Goddess

On tonight’s Hair Goddess, Christina’s accountant sister Jenn reviews her Manhattan salon’s finances and then gives Christina some very valuable business advice.

But it’s not what tough-as-nails Christina wants to hear.

Her new Manhattan salon was goosed upward in big part from the exposure it got from a photo shoot with Resident Magazine on last week’s episode.

But the gains are not enough. The costs of doing business in New York are stratospheric. Even with an uptick in clientele, Christina asks Jenn to give her the straight poop.

And the poop is not welcome.

Looking slightly defeated as Jenn advises her that she might need to close one of her two hair salons, Christina says: “No, I definitely don’t want that. This will kill me.”

Jenn Oliva looking downcast on Hair Goddess
Jenn is not the bearer of good news for her sister on this week’s Hair Goddess

In the clip below, Christina says that having two salons “isn’t enough” to create an empire that she wants.

Jenn says her other alternative is to train someone else up to be as good as her to work in one of the salons.

But will she be able to, and if she can — will she be able to do it quick enough?

Also tonight, Christina welcomes a new transgender client named Yonce, who is betting that extensions will enhance her life in a positive way, to the NYC salon.

A big Italian family bonus also awaits as we see the crazy Oliva women get together to plot and plan a superb birthday celebration for Christina’s beloved father, Frank.

They decide to take him on a Great Adventure safari, but will papa Frank be game?

Hair Goddess airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC

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