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Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry’s shocking health premonition weeks before Alan Thicke’s death

Alan Thicke facing the camera during his reading with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry
Alan Thicke during his reading with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry, three months before his death

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry made a shocking premonition about Alan Thicke’s health during a reading weeks before his death.

The reading, filmed three months before Thicke died in December 2016, is shown on tonight’s episode of the E! show.

The star, dad of musician Robin Thicke  and actor Brennan Thicke, collapsed while playing hockey with his third son Carter.

He later died of an aortic dissection, which can lead to death either by limiting blood flow to the heart or when the artery ruptures.

It is more common in people with a history of high blood pressure, a series of connective tissue diseases, previous heart surgery, or a genetic type of heart disease called a bicuspid aortic valve.

Footage shows Tyler watching the reading with Thicke’s widow Tanya Callau, who wipes away tears, and says afterwards: “That is unbelievable.”

During his reading, Henry honed in on both blood pressure and his heart as possible causes for concern.

He says: “I really want to keep this in mind, um, I have to talk about health, and it’s kind of health with family.

“For the men in your family, it’s really good to just take into consideration that blood pressure is really going to have to be something that we really have to keep in mind.

“Now, heart issues…they happen to men, it’s not uncommon, but the thing is…when it comes to family and a gene perspective, it’s possible that in your family there might be multiple men who end up at a later age dealing with blood pressure issues, but also dealing with a either a heart murmur or a heart arrhythmia.

But I feel like I have to kind of go to ‘heart’ and this kind of correlates with blood pressure. So just kind of keep that in mind. I have a couple of people who’ve come through and acknowledged passing in a bit of a similar sense, and that’s almost saying like ‘keep in mind your own heart’.”

Watch Tyler’s reading with Alan Thicke in the clip below.

The episode also sees Tyler leave actor Nico Tortorella in tears after connecting with his grandfather, and he shocks CoCo Austin and her non-believer husband Ice-T with some of the details he picks up on.

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on E!