Who is Russian aerial acrobat Svyatoslav Rasshivkin from Little Big Shots?

Svyatoslav Rasshivkin on Little Big Shots
Svyatoslav Rasshivkin performing his aerial acrobatics routine on Little Big Shots

The talent on Little Big Shots soars to new heights this week — with an aerial-acrobatic routine by incredible 14-year-old Russian performer Svyatoslav Rasshivkin.

The youngster is a circus acrobat, but is no stranger to television — having appeared on France’s Got Talent (the French equivalent of America’s Got Talent) in 2014.

In the show he got into the finals after a breathtaking routine performed to Sia’s Chandelier.

He then performed a Bjork routine in the finals, finishing 8th overall.

Svyatoslav has also appeared on the German reality show Superkids…

And he makes regular appearances at events in Germany, alongside his mother — big-tent circus performer Yulia Rasshivikin.

Svyatoslav is originally from Moscow, but has made a name for himself as a performer in Europe and now in the US.

His appearance on Little Big Shots wows the audience and host Steve Harvey, who looks like he’s about to faint as he watches Svyatoslav spin down from the ceiling on a piece of silk.

Steve Harvey sitting on stage with Svyatoslav Rasshivkin on Little Big Shots
Steve Harvey with Svyatoslav after his routine on Little Big Shots

Watch part of his routine and some of the other acts from this week’s Little Big Shots below.


Little Big Shots airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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