EmiSunshine: All you need to know about the up-and-coming country music star

EmiSunshine is a young girl with a possibly huge music career ahead of her. Appearing on Little Big Shots was a big break for the Tennessee teen, with her voice and talent garnering plenty of attention when she took the stage in April. However, prior to that the country sweetheart already had her own following. Emilie

Chicken-calling 88-year-old and jump-rope record on Little Big Shots: Forever Young

This week’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young features a man breaking a national jump-rope record — and an 88-year-old woman who’s a champion animal-caller. The hilarious episode sees Steve Harvey wowed by a string of older people as they show off their talents, some stranger than others. We also get to see a 79-year-old rollerblader

King Nahh: 11-year-old motivational speaker shines on Little Big Shots

Steve Harvey has one of his most entertaining interviews yet on this week’s Little Big Shots — with 11-year-old motivational speaker King Nahh. Nahh was born with a natural talent for offering up sage advice, and shows off his skills on the NBC show. He also makes Harvey laugh by telling him his grandmother has

Table tennis prodigies Sid and Nadan Naresh from Little Big Shots: How they got so good

This week’s Little Big Shots features an epic ping-pong battle between prodigies Sid and Nandan Naresh. The brothers are two of the most accomplished table-tennis players in the US, with 10-year-old Nandan ranked No1 in the under-10 boys category, while 12-year-old Sid is ranked No7 in the cadet boys’ singles (those aged 14 and under). The

Who is Russian aerial acrobat Svyatoslav Rasshivkin from Little Big Shots?

The talent on Little Big Shots soars to new heights this week — with an aerial-acrobatic routine by incredible 14-year-old Russian performer Svyatoslav Rasshivkin. The youngster is a circus acrobat, but is no stranger to television — having appeared on France’s Got Talent (the French equivalent of America’s Got Talent) in 2014. In the show he

Who are Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors from Little Big Shots?

This week’s Little Big Shots features an amazing performance from Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors. The trio of youngsters, whose name is sometimes shortened to Los Bañales Jr.,  have become YouTube sensations with their lively music, showing incredible talent for such a young age. One of them plays the accordion, another the guitar and the

Who is 7-year-old stand-up comedian Nathan Bockstahler from Little Big Shots?

Little Big Shots ups the comedy factor this week — with a hilarious routine by 7-year-old stand-up comedian Nathan Bockstahler. Nathan, from Carlsbad, California, has been into performing since a very young age and honed his routines in front of friends and family He also performed at a school talent show, but his first big appearance on

JD McCrary: Who is child singing sensation from Little Big Shots?

This week’s Little Big Shots features child singing sensation JD McCrary as he blows the audience away with his incredible voice. The 9-year-old, who’s also an actor and a dancer, apparently discovered he could sing when he was just two and is already well on the path to fame. JD, from Granada Hills, California, has