Who are Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors from Little Big Shots?

Los Banales Jr performing on Little Big Shots
Los Bañales Juniors during their performance on Little Big Shots. Pic: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

This week’s Little Big Shots features an amazing performance from Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors.

The trio of youngsters, whose name is sometimes shortened to Los Bañales Jr.,  have become YouTube sensations with their lively music, showing incredible talent for such a young age.

One of them plays the accordion, another the guitar and the third the double bass or drums. Their trademark look is smart shirts and stetson hats.

Some of their videos have been watched millions of times, with their most popular one, below, titled “Que sube y que baja”, raking in 12.8million hits so far.

The trio have more than 13,000 subscribers on their VEVO and another 60,000 on their main YouTube page, with nearly 70,000 followers on their Facebook page as well at the time of writing.

Their debut album, called La Maestra, contains 12 of their best tracks and is available on iTunes.

As well as their music skills, the trio are also not shy of a bit of humor — joking with Steve Harvey when they appeared on Little Big Shots.

When he asks how you say “accordion” in Spanish, they reply: “Accordion,” before giving him a pat on the back.


Little Big Shots airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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