Terra Jole’s book title causes fierce fights on Little Women: LA

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole's book
Terra Jole hits back over the use of the word “fierce” in her book title on Little Women: LA

The title of Little Women: LA star Terra Jole’s new tell-all book causes two huge fights on tonight’s episode of the Lifetime show.

The memoir, which is set to be published in August, is titled Terra Jole: Fierce at Four Foot Two.

But Jasmine Arteaga Sorge finds fault with the use of the word “fierce”.

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She tells Briana Renee about it, and Briana immediately suspects it’s a jab at her after their recent feuds.

Briana’s favorite quote is Shakespeare’s “Although she be but little, she is fierce”, and she uses the hashtag #littlefiercemama on her social networks.

The cover of Terra Jole's book, showing her face and the words 'Terra Jole: Fierce at Four Foot Two'
The cover of Terra Jole’s book, which comes out in the summer

So after her and Terra’s various run-ins, including claims Briana tried to steal Terra’s manager, the choice of words doesn’t go down well.

But Terra stands by it, saying: “I couldn’t give two f***s if Briana hashtags ‘fierce’.”

The drama escalates into two massive fights between Jasmine and both Terra and Elena Gant.

Also in this week’s episode of Little Women: LA, Christy is stunned when she finds out about Terra showing off the scandalous video of her to the other ladies.

And when Briana goes to Terra for advice about her career, she is shocked to find out what people are saying behind her back.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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