About Elly Review

This pot-boiler takes the viewer by surprise after a slow start, but the start is too long and the surprise too short. In the midst of a jocular college reunion, the young, beautiful and mysterious guest Elly (Taraneh Alidousti) disappears without a trace. In the wake of her disappearance, her true story emerges to the

Cannes 2015: Andrew Cividino’s Sleeping Giant Stands Tall

Writer director Andrew Cividino’s coming-of-age film Sleeping Giant has just been announced as Canada’s first feature film entry in competition at the Cannes Film Festival next month. It is part of Semaine de la Critique, the Directors’ Fortnight, competing for the prestigious Camera D’Or award. Sleeping Giant, made for just $60,000 was inspired by Cividino’s’

Ex Machina Review

A B-movie that tried to be something better but stayed a B-movie. Writer/director Alex Garland’s sci-fi flick is the latest in a long line of slipshod Hollywood treatments of artificial intelligence. This tale starts with a pseudo “imitation game” in which Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) has been chosen to determine which is the real person and


RHOBH Star Kim Richards Arrested For Public Drunkenness

Washed-up television star, and BravoTV “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member, Kim Richards was locked up by police in the wee hours of Thursday morning after she got s**tfaced and acted like an a**hole at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Even better, she pulled her famous locking-herself-in-the-bathroom routine and had to

A Most Violent Year Blu-ray Review

Although it is very light on action and violence, A Most Violent Year features powerful performances in a slow-burning drama about a good man trying to make an honest living while everyone around him seems to be happy to cut corners anyway they can. Written and directed by J. C. Chandor (Margin Call and All


Review: Squarepusher Live at the Regent Theater, Downtown LA April 13

A wonderful Monday night in Downtown Los Angeles would be incomplete without a dive into the genius of a true legend, or maybe that’s just me. Either way, I dove into the genius of a true legend Monday night, deal with it. Downtown has some of my favorite venues in town, and tonight I got

Why I’d Be Okay With Raylan Givens Dying In ‘Justified’ Series Finale

Let me begin by saying that I know nothing about how this fantastic series is going tonight. Still, with Ava Crowder on the run with the money and everyone else chasing her, everything is on the table. People will die and that could include Raylan Givens. Would you be ready for that? Could you handle


Nostalgia Bomb: The Elephant 6 Recording Collective Ten Essential Tracks

Oh the 90s. In the past few years, the world has celebrated some of the decade’s classic trends with such a nostalgic fervor that it’s almost hard to believe that it was over 20 years ago. While pop music shook off the glossy synthetic excess of the 80s by way of Nirvana’s angst and Oasis’s

Review: What We Do in the Shadows

The werewolves you can accept, the humans you can tolerate, but the Christians? Directed and written by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, “Shadows” is a marvelous mash-up of every vampire trope invented in the last century with a few new ones thrown in. The four flat mates are the best of friends, and have been

Review: Francesco Munzi’s ‘Black Souls’

A real life interpretation of the “Godfather” series that strips away the glamour and leaves only despair. Nominated for the Golden Lion, the highest award of the Venice Film Festival, writer/director Francesco Munzi’s familial crime drama looks deep into the heart of darkness. Based on the novel by Gioacchino Criaco with a screenplay co-written by