Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – Big and Loud and Long

Why bother reviewing a film that will be reviewed by tens of thousands of professional and homegrown reviewers, bloggers and film fans? Why bother when reviews have been out for days, despite embargos and tweeted right after the private screening? Because I have an axe to grind that’s why. CGI is still way off being


Review: CNTRL Wrap Party, Richie Hawtin Live At The Palladium

There are four conclusions to be made about Hollywood: One, all roads lead to Cahuenga, two, dressed up street performers are a mixture of funny and tragic, three, parking is the worse, and four, if it is the weekend, there’s bound to be a great show in the area somewhere. This past Saturday, the fourth

Taken 3 Blu-ray Review

Liam Neeson’s back with his certain set of skills as Taken 3 arrives on Blu-ray in an unrated version and loaded with enough action to keep fans of the franchise happy. The film’s formula breaks some new ground as Neeson’s Bryan Mills is set-up for the murder of his ex-wife and one the run from

The Water Diviner Review

Russell Crowe gives a nice try but gets no cigar in this maudlin rehash of a horrendous moment in history. Russell Crowe comes out swinging with his narrative fiction feature directorial debut but fouls out as this war story drops off the deep end into the irretrievably maudlin. Screenwriters Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios are

Hot Docs Toronto: The Bells – an Intimate Portrait by Jessica Edwards

The Bells was a band known for signature vocal harmonies and the hit songs “White Dove” and “Stay Awhile”. In 1965 South African sisters Jackie and Anne Ralph were performing with their trio in small town Quebec when they first laid eyes on Cliff Edwards and his band. The electricity was palpable. The girl’s manager

Review: Wire, ‘Wire’

1977 is widely considered the year punk exploded, with classic releases from the likes of Sex Pistols, The Clash and Ramones. Towards the end of the year, Wire appeared with their debut record Pink Flag, approaching the punk attitude in fresh and unique way which went on to influence a multitude of modern genres including

Ex Machina : Alex Garland on Robots, Sex and Power

Ex Machina is a film for our times. It’s a cautionary tale about the potential future trajectory of artificial intelligence and our fear of it. Computers and robots are facts of life today, but their level of sophistication in 2015 may seem awfully primitive in the future as AI gains more and more footholds. It

Review: Squarepusher ‘Damogen Furies’ Album

Tom Jenkinson, better known as Squarepusher, is constantly blowing our minds, and consequently probably blowing our ear drums out as well. With each new release, he tweaks his sound, and like any good musician, he tries to push himself forward and does something new each time. “Damogen Furies” is his first solo LP in three


Review: Speedy Ortiz ‘Foil Deer’

It is said brevity is the soul of wit, Northampton, Mass. based four piece Speedy Ortiz definitely bring that thought to mind with their second studio album “Foil Deer.” The group’s raw meets Pop sound coalesced with vocalist Sadie Dupuis’ audaciously clever lyrics have made Speedy Ortiz a much buzzed new band out of the

True Story Review

Ripped from the headlines, it is not as good as “Capote,” but close enough. Debut feature director Rupert Goold pulled one out of the hat with this amazingly entertaining dual of wits, and lies, between two men who are world class in the art of deception. At the heart of the film is the weakness