RHOBH Star Kim Richards Arrested For Public Drunkenness


Washed-up television star, and BravoTV “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member, Kim Richards was locked up by police in the wee hours of Thursday morning after she got s**tfaced and acted like an a**hole at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Even better, she pulled her famous locking-herself-in-the-bathroom routine and had to be dragged out by the police, after the hotel called them for help because she was out of control.


Let me assure you, the Beverly Hills Hotel doesn’t call the cops on a celebrity unless they absolutely, positively have to – it’s not good for business. So Miss Kimberly “I’m Sober” Richards was obviously way past the point of crazy for them to take this step.

Sober my ass! All season I was yelling “Liar, pants on fire,” every time she threw a temper tantrum claiming she was maintaining her sobriety. Um Kim, pills count too. Especially the ones that were not prescribed for you. Actually, with narcotics, that’s illegal.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised she got arrested? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Nobody who watches the show is shocked to see she’s just as big a hot mess – or worse – as she’s always been. The good news is that she not only got charged with drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest, but she kicked a cop at the police station and now faces charges for battery on a police officer too. This isn’t going to go away quietly.

And Kim Richards is no Lilo, Britney or MJ either – she won’t be able to pull off shaving her head or wearing pajamas to court to the cheers of her hordes of fans. Nobody who isn’t a fan of the old “Witch Mountain” movies even remembered who she was until “Real Housewives.” Her biggest claim to fame is actually the fact that she’s Kathy Hilton’s little sister.

What’s really, truly pathetic here is that she has children of impressionable ages who are probably completely mortified by their mother on a daily basis. She admits she was drunk and drugged through most of their teen years (although it was probably longer) and spent all of this season claiming she was sober when even a drunk person would have called “bulls**t” on her.

No really, when she became “besties” with Brandi Glanville, the queen of alcoholic trash, we all saw how that bond formed. Misery does love company, and they’re two of the most miserable spoiled rich-bitch faux celebs out there right now.

My husband, a retired SWAT-team commander, has suffered through every season of the various “Real Housewives” with me, and he’s not a Kim Richards fan either. In fact, now he’s just pissed off that she physically attacked a cop. Let’s make sure she gets treated like EVERYBODY ELSE for assaulting a cop. No free-pass to rehab for this nasty little piece of work. We already know she’ll lie about it. #BadTrackRecord

He pointed out that what is reprehensible is that Kim Richards has the money, the insurance, the resources, and the family support to actually get help and beat her addiction. But she hasn’t done it. Has she even tried? No really, maybe we ought to explore a little deeper her motives for “taking care” of her poor dying ex-husband in her home. Was it just to get open access to his pain meds? Quite possibly. Wouldn’t put it past her.

BravoTV needs to cut her from the show – NOW! I mean they need to make an announcement that they WILL NOT TOLERATE assault on a police officer by one of their reality stars and stand firm. We’ve watched the network sit back and watch everything from domestic violence, drug use, tax evasion, drunk driving, and assault by wine glass from their various Housewives franchises in different cities.

Maybe losing the show will give Kim that desperately needed reality check (and kick it the ass). Then again, she may be hopeless. For real, she made a complete ass of herself on national television, she’s tortured her family and friends (there isn’t a single RHOBH fan out there who doesn’t feel sorry for Kyle having to deal with her sister Kim, even if they don’t like Kyle). She’s made the BravoTV Housewives franchise look even worse than the Giudices in New Jersey. At least Tre and Juicy never physically attacked a cop.

For those of you who read my reality blogs, you might have noticed I stopped covering this show halfway through the season after blogging several previous seasons. I had to stop writing. I didn’t stop watching, but I couldn’t keep wasting my time writing about the incessant arguing and fighting between these women. I REALLY liked the new additions – Lips and Eileen were a hoot – but every time Brandi and Kim were on screen, I’d throw up a little in my own mouth.

Kim Richards needs to be sent away – and I do not mean to Horizons or one of the other famous places stars go to dry out. And she’d be wasting her time anyplace Jennifer Gimenez works. Brandi’s bff who was a drug and alcohol counselor on “Sober House” and “Celebrity Rehab” has been sitting there watching Brandi use and abuse for years. And propping Brandi up on television and telling her that her behavior is okay. It’s not.

And she’s been utterly unhelpful when it comes to Kim – probably because she knows she’s a big waste of oxygen too. She’s not a therapist – she’s a former drug user who wants to be an actress and has had bit parts/walk-ons in a few movies and television shows. Apparently she had her own relapse after appearing in the movie “Blow” with Johnny Depp. Gee, I wonder why.

Actually, I’m more concerned with why somebody with a reputation like Dr. Drew would have even let that crazy bitch into anything involving rehab and his reputation. He’s gotta know it’s reflects on him. For all we know, she was partying with the patients. Wouldn’t be the first time, right? Does she party with Brandi and Kim? Who knows? Because Kim is totally sober, right?

I had to stop blogging this show because I was disgusted by the behavior of grown women throwing drinks at each other, physically attacking each other, and clearly abusing narcotics on television. If I want to see that, I’ll watch “Orange Is the New Black” because those incarcerated women are better behaved, less dangerous, and more likely to be sober than Kim and Brandi.

So now Kim Richards is BUSTED. Publicly, legally, and loud and clear!!! Whatcha going to do about it now, BravoTV? You going to hope she’s sober enough to film the next season so you can keep her lack-of-sobriety storyline going, or are you going to do the responsible thing and draw a line in the sand?

I’m watching, and so are a lot of other people.

A couple of suggestions – send her to prison with Teresa Guidice and see who comes out of it worse for the wear. Tre’s got somebody doing her manis in there. I don’t think Kim would be quite as popular.

More effective would be to send Brandi and Kim off to a real rehab together. Make them tell the truth, out each other, and sort out the mess that has become their lives. If Brandi Glanville has even half a brain left in her head, she’s gotta see this is EXACTLY where she is headed. Not that I want to stop that train wreck from happening because, for the sake of her children, she needs to be cleaned up or removed from their lives.

Sadly for the children and family of Kim Richards (including Kyle, Kathy and their immediate families), they’re mostly adults and they can’t hide from the embarrassing behavior of this black-sheep relative.

Get your act together Kim. Sober the f**k up! And get rid of the psychotic dog you can’t control and who bit not only a trainer, but almost took off your niece’s hand not too long ago. I understand that pit bull Kingsley is her best friend, but maybe if she wasn’t three-sheets-to-the-wind all the time, she’d have a sober human friend left in her life.

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