Recap: BravoTV’s ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ The Scared Little Bunny Edition

Gotta be completely honest. No regrets about watching the Ferguson verdict instead of BravoTV’s “Vanderpump Rules” last night. I like the show, but nothing exciting happened. Lost nothing by waiting a day. Seriously, too much of the episode focused on Jax and his nose job. But before his big surgery, he goes on a manscaping

Bad Hair Review

A tight knit and brutally honest essay on familial conflicts and the complications of living a Western dream in an environment of limited possibilities. Nine year old Junior is on the war path with his mother. What else is new? The ageless story of kid versus parent is told again, this time in the tough

Constantine ‘Danse Vaudou’ on NBC – Friday, November 21 Preview

Very few television shows get better and better over time, some start off great and go downhill from there, others just go down from the start. That is not the case with NBC’s Constantine. Since a tepid pilot that underwhelmed yet introduced the DC comics character John Constantine to the small screen, Constantine has been


Recap: Vanderpump Rules, ‘Kristen Is Like Human Spam’ Edition

It’s hard to focus on writing tonight’s “Vanderpump Rules” blog because I’d rather be watching Lisa Vanderpump with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.” I love Lisa, although I’m starting to wonder why she hasn’t fired some of these idiots who are still working for her. Last week, Lisa fired James and put Kristen

Camp X-Ray Review

A lean and mean essay on human bondage, a minimalist examination of living life to the least. Peter Sattler’s directorial debut is as bare and exposed as a prisoner in a cell. A stripped down film about warehousing human beings and waiting for the next step. The next step for the inmate is release, and

Writers Review

Screenwriting bromedy that shows Bollywood is not that much different than its American counterpart. Dulal is the brains and Mainak is the street smarts in Amit Masurkar’s flighty bromedy screened at the 9th Seattle South Asian Film Festival. Like most screenwriters, these two need that one big break to make it into the big time.


Recap: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Enough With The Reunions Edition

Hell no. I’m not blogging anymore “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunions, “Secrets Revealed,” or any other crap they come up with for BravoTV to try to keep this show on life support. I am so done. And so is most of America if the tweets flying tonight were any indication. The only people who


Recap: Vanderpump Rules, The ‘I Have Eyes And Ears Everywhere’ Edition

Truth? I don’t know what was funnier and more pathetic tonight on the latest episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” It was either Tom’s four-minute apology video to Scheana on YouTube or Jax getting Stassi’s tattoo covered up and getting Carmen’s name inked on, and then breaking up with her. Now he’s gotta have Tiffany’s name tattooed