Zaria Simone from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: What else has she been in? Is she on Instagram?

Production still from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.
Making waves on the streaming platform is the brand-new series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. Pic credit: Netflix

April is a big month for Netflix as they added 34 new original programs, including many new seasons of beloved shows. However, making waves on the streaming platform is the brand-new series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, created by Jamie Foxx and executive produced by his talented daughter, Corinne Foxx.

The series follows the Dixon family, who has just been hit by an unspeakable tragedy. After Brian Dixon’s ex passes away, he decides to take full-time custody of his daughter.

This leads to all sorts of hilarity and shenanigans as the family has to adjust to their new normal — and the newest addition to the Dixon household, as Brian’s sister and father, also live with him. 

Who does Zaria Simone play on Dad Stop Embarrassing Me? 

Actor Zaria Simone plays the character Courtney in the first episode of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. The character has a cringey moment as she hits on Brian while in his bedroom, making blatant sexual advances towards him.

While sitting on Brian’s bed, she tells him, “I just want to show you my appreciation for making me a BAY model.” Brian looks at the camera and says, “Please don’t,” as he ponders the difficulties between being attracted to her and the intricacies at play, given that he’s her boss.

Interactions as such awkwardly occur throughout the episode, as they are reunited again at a work-related event.

Who is Zaria Simone?

This marks one of the biggest projects from actor Zaria Simone and her Netflix debut. Listed on her IMDb credits include the short film Two Distant Strangers and playing title roles in the YouTube series Totally TV and The Super Pops. 

On Simone’s website, she sells her limited-edition poetry book and shares bits from her acting portfolio. She writes about herself, “While some kids were playing video games or sports, I was putting on puppet shows, or dancing ballet for crowds pro bono while we waited for a table at a fancy restaurant.” 

The actor is active on Instagram and can be found at @zariazariazaria. Recently, she took to the platform to encourage people to stream the new series. 

Simone wrote, “One of my favorite performers in the world is @iamjamiefoxx . He can be hilarious and he can be devastatingly moving. He can sing; he can play the piano. He can do it all. To work alongside the people you once religiously watched on screens as a kid is an indescribable joy and honor.”

Giving some insight into her character, she added, “Here’s to Courtney a ball of fun and a girl who knows what she wants—or rather “who” she wants.”

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is currently streaming on Netflix.

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