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Zak Bagans investigates terrifying poltergeist activity in New Mexico on Ghost Adventures

Double Eagle Restaurant room as featured on Ghost Adventures
A room in the opulent Double Eagle Restaurant, the most haunted in the state of New Mexico

This week on Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and the team head to New Mexico where they investigate poltergeist activity at the Double Eagle Restaurant and the Dona Ana County Courthouse.

The team head south to Las Cruces (The City of the Crosses), New Mexico, where several buildings have seen mulitple reports of paranormal activity.

This city town and its outlying suburbs are only a few miles from the Mexican border El Paso. The area was first settled by the Manso people and later the Spanish when it became part of New Spain. Later it was claimed by the first Mexican Empire and Republic of Texas, until the subsequent war settled ownership permanently.

The City of the Crosses on Ghost Adventures
The City of the Crosses on Ghost Adventures

It is thought the city got its name from the crosses over the graves of some bandits who’d been killed nearby and buried on a hillside. Interestingly Spaceport America is close by and Virgin Galactic, who are offering sub-orbital flights, have their main offices in the town.

However, it is not space or aliens that the Ghost Adventures team are interested in as they head to two locations heavily associated with death.

The opulent Double Eagle Restaurant used to be a family home and has a reputation as the most haunted restaurant in the state.

It also houses a pair chairs that are claimed to give you nightmares if you sit in them. The so-called Ghost Chairs are in a room that is known as the Ghost Room and when you find out the history behind the room, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Back in the day, the wealthy couple who owned the house had a son who was very fond of the maid. His mother found out they were sleeping together and was so furious she killed her own son with a pair of shears (ouch!) and murdered the maid as well.

Zak and the team head into the room and get some very strong signals indeed.

Ghost Adventures airs Sundays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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