Is Nick Groff back on Ghost Adventures?

Is Nick Groff back on Ghost Adventures?  It seems to be a burning question for fans who are searching Google like mad trying to determine if the popular ghost hunter is back in action on the Travel Channel series. In each episode of the current Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V


When does Ghost Adventures return to Travel Channel in 2020?

Ghost Adventures has continued entertaining fans in its off-season with Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room where the boys watch old investigations from past shows and talk about what happened. However, the good news is that new adventures are coming in just two short weeks. Here is when fans can see the return of Ghost Adventures to


Why does Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures wear a mask?

When fans watch Ghost Adventures, one thing they can count on is host Zak Bagans wearing a mask when he goes in to investigate the old haunted locations. While fans of the Travel Channel series knows why he does this, it seems there are even more people just tuning in who have been wondering what