When does Ghost Adventures return to Travel Channel in 2020?

When does Ghost Adventures return to Travel Channel in 2020?
The ‘Ghost Adventures’ crew features paranormal investigators, Billy Tolley, Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, and Aaron Goodwin. Pic credit: Travel

Ghost Adventures has continued entertaining fans in its off-season with Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room where the boys watch old investigations from past shows and talk about what happened.

However, the good news is that new adventures are coming in just two short weeks. Here is when fans can see the return of Ghost Adventures to Travel Channel.

When does Ghost Adventures return in 2020?

Ghost Adventures returns for its season premiere on Feb. 27, 2020, with the episode “Horror in Biggs.”

In the new season of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin travel to a different haunted destination with their A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley each episode.

They speak to eyewitnesses and locals as well as experts as they try to piece together the history of each location when it concerns the hauntings.

They then lockdown the investigation and use their latest scientific gadgets and technology so that they can attempt to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and uncover the truth behind each haunted mystery.

Each episode of Ghost Adventures runs an hour in length.

What can fans expect from the Ghost Adventures season premiere?

The season premiere for Ghost Adventures coming on Feb. 27 is “Horror in Biggs.”

The synopsis reads:

“Zak and the crew investigate a demonic entity terrorizing a small California town. Many locals believe the malicious spirit is responsible for a series of horrific deaths, and an exorcism may be the only way to save their souls from its dark clutches.”

The episode takes viewers 61 miles north of Sacramento for a haunting that involves the entire town of Biggs, California.

However, the episode sees them trying to help one family who believes they are suffering from a possessed husband and a neighbor who believes it is also affecting them.

Ghost Adventures has been around for many years, starting off in 2008 and flying through over 200 episodes, 47 specials, and 19 seasons and counting.

The show initially starred Zack Baggins, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin, but Groff left in Season 10. It was originally an independent film where they investigated paranormal activity in Virginia City, Nevada, and there was no looking back after that.

While Travel Channel is calling this the season premiere, it is actually the fourth episode of Season 19, although the show has been on break since November 16.

Following “Horror in Biggs,” there are at least four more new episodes coming over the next month coming from Cleveland, Virginia City, Antelope, California, and Las Vegas.

Ghost Adventures returns on Thursday, Feb. 27, at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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Dan Ernst
Dan Ernst
4 years ago

I cannot even watch you guys your so immature! When anything happens there is always some dimwit yelling oh god or some girlish crap acting like you have never done this before! Very unprofessional!
Then theres the fact your still trying to impress people with finding and screwing around with spirits! Your supposed to find the ghosts identity and if its bad move it on! If its a demon get a demon expert in to deal with it! Use a medium, a good one to help out! At least try to do the right thing and help people, and not act like a bunch of screaming meemee’s! Oh and stop acting like every little thing is some sensational bull crap!