Ghost Adventures: Horror in Biggs, California brings one of Zac Bagan’s scariest experiences

Ghost Adventures: Horror in Biggs
Zac Bagans calls the Ghost Adventures investigation in Biggs, California, one of his uneasiest. Pic credit: Travel

Ghost Adventures returned for its new season on Thursday night and the crew went to what Zac Bagans refers to as one of his uneasiest investigations yet.

The investigation went to Biggs, California, and a man who might be tormented by a Succubus.

Where is Biggs, California on Ghost Adventures?

Biggs, California, is located in Northern California and is a small town with about 1,724 residents.

Two of those residents are a couple named Torrie and Gloria, and they believe that an evil entity is not just haunting their home, but that of their neighbors.

Interestingly, it isn’t just the Ghost Adventures team that has tried to help Torrie and Gloria.

Doing a little digging showed that another paranormal team showed up in September 2019 to try to help them. According to this team, the couple already tried to get their house blessed but nothing changed.

This team believed that the entity might be alien in nature and they showed the couple how to bless their home, hoping that would help.

It clearly didn’t because Zac Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team showed up around the Christmas holiday.

The Biggs backstory

The backstory here is that Torrie is the man tormented by the spirit, which forces itself on him, penetrating him, and hurting him when he resists it.

As the team investigates, they also learn that the next-door neighbor came to Torrie to tell him she felt she was being attacked as well. This neighbor then died.

Witnesses say she ran from her home, screaming that a demon was chasing her. The eyewitnesses said she ended up on a concrete embankment, floated up into the air, did a flip and then was thrown into the ditch, where she broke her neck and died.

Finally, another woman spoke to the team and said her brother also died in mysterious circumstances and a large black shadowy figure floated above him as he died. Both Torrie, and according to witnesses, the woman who died, also saw this figure.

The Ghost Adventures investigation

When Zac Bagans said he was uncomfortable, he wasn’t kidding. There were moments where he seemed scared to death to go look at something and wanted to make sure everyone had his back.

He also showed that their equipment kept messing up. A memory card wouldn’t work. The camera batteries instantly went from full to empty. Whatever was out there didn’t want to be captured.

However, it was.

Torrie could tell the guys where the presence was on his body and when they moved their machines there, it detected it. They also used recording devices and heard a growling voice when Torrie tried to ask it questions.

There were also two attacks. While listening to the sounds from Torrie’s room and trying to get it to talk to them, Aaron felt a stabbing through his eye and out the back of his head, shooting him full of pain.

That was one thing, but then when Zac started talking about bringing in an exorcism team, the pain shot through his chest and out his back in the exact same description as what happened to Aaron.

The team decided the haunting was real, there was a demonic presence there and they needed to get out of there before it was too late for them.

“It really taught us that we have to be on guard and bring with us our own shield of spiritual armor and not let it down at any time because we don’t want to be a victim of that same fate,” Bagans said.

An exorcism in Biggs, California

The scariest part of the show was the exorcism itself.

Torrie was all for this, as he wanted this to end because he believed he would end up dead otherwise.

Bishop Bryan Oulette of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church and Sister Mary Joan headed in to deliver the exorcism and blessing.

As they did so, Torrie began to shake and thrash and scream in pain. By the time it was over, he had been through an ordeal.

As for whether this worked out better than the previous blessings, Bagans said that they have kept an eye on Torrie and his wife to make sure they were ok.

As Bagans said, “We couldn’t just leave and say, ‘Oh, we got evidence. Thank you, we made a show out of this and we’re good, thank you, goodbye.'”

“We’re continuing to follow up. But we heard things have been getting better, which is good.”
Ghost Adventures airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Travel.

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Paul Dale Roberts
Paul Dale Roberts
2 years ago

Halo Paranormal Investigations investigated this home in Biggs and when Ghost Adventures read my article, they decided to do an episode there. You can see my original article here and at the end of the article, you will find the youtube videos of the investigation. Here is that link: