Stardust Ranch on Ghost Adventures: Owner John Edmonds claims aliens are watching him

Stardust Ranch on Ghost Adventures
Zak Bagans and his Ghost Adventures crew are headed to the Stardust Ranch. Pic credit: Travel Channel

On the next episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and his crew are headed to Arizona to investigate the Stardust Ranch. The owner of the ranch is John Edmonds, who has made some shocking claims about aliens on the property.

Edmonds believes that there is a portal at Stardust Ranch that allows extraterrestrials a way to access his ranch. He even shows it to the Ghost Adventures crew.

And John Edmonds isn’t the only one claiming to have had an alien encounter on the Arizona property. His wife also claims to have been attacked by aliens. In fact, she says it happened in the main bedroom of the Stardust Ranch home.

Others also claim to have had alien encounters out in the Arizona desert, including Travis Walton, who also spoke with Zak Bagans’ crew. He claims that he was abducted by aliens and that they kept him for five days before returning him to Earth, where he used a payphone in Heber, Arizona to call for help.

The Stardust Ranch sits about an hour west of Phoenix. It’s a popular destination for those who believe in aliens and want to go looking for them.

In fact, New York Post reported just two years ago that John Edmonds was desperately trying to sell the property because of the “alien infestation.” He made national headlines as he sought a buyer for the ranch after claiming that aliens kept trying to abduct his wife.

“They actually levitated [my wife] out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft,” Edmonds told the local NBC affiliate 12 News.

The ranch was listed for $5 million and must not have sold since Edmonds is back on Ghost Adventures as the crew investigates extraterrestrial life on the property.

Edmonds and his wife bought the Stardust Ranch in 1995 with hopes of enjoying the country life on a ranch where they would operate a horse rescue. Those dreams were cut short when John Edmonds says that aliens made their way onto his property.

He described them as grey aliens that attacked his animals and even tried to abduct his wife by levitating her up out of her bed and into the parking lot before trying to take her into an alien craft.

Ghost Adventures airs on Monday, September 23 at 9/8c on the Travel Channel. 

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2 months ago

i have the original dna from star dust ranch in ziplock bag dated 2017 its for sale anybody interested in it contact me [email protected]