Zak Bagans has seance with Demon-possessed doll Peggy on Ghost Adventures: Artifacts

Peggy the doll
Peggy the doll, who has reportedly made people ill just by looking at pictures of her

Zak Bagans tonight carries out a seance with a Demon-possessed doll called Peggy who previously made headlines for making 80 people seriously ill — just by looking at her.

Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris told in 2015 how people had repeatedly contacted her to say they had suffered things like migraines and chest pains just by looking at pictures or watching videos of her.

One woman even reportedly suffered a heart attack after watching a video of Peggy with Harris in a car.

Harris was given the doll by its previous owners after they claimed Peggy was making them have nightmares.

Tonight on Ghost Adventures: Artifacts, Zak carries out the seance in a bid to break the chilling bond between Peggy and Harris.

He also looks into one of the most bizarre objects at the Tennesse State Museum — the haunted thumb of vicious bandit John Murrell.

He was the leader of occult organization the Mystic Clan which wreaked havoc on the residents of Mississippi and Tennesee in the early 1800s.

Zak is currently in the process of putting the final touches to his Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas which is set to open this month — and where Peggy will feature.

Ghost Adventures: Artifacts airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Travel Channel. 

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