YouTube phenom Mark Rober stars in Jimmy Kimmel produced Discovery series ‘Revenge of the Nerd’

Mark Rober is using his brain power for good and even raising money to plant millions of trees too! Pic credit: Discovery.
Mark Rober is using his brain power for good and even raising money to plant millions of trees too! Pic credit: Discovery

Douchebags, malignant turds, thieves and ne’er do wells of the world — you’re officially on notice.

Jimmy Kimmel is joining forces with YouTube phenom Mark Rober, the engineer whose video with the exploding glitter bomb package nailing a porch pirate became a viral sensation. Now, Mark Rober has earned himself a Discovery channel show.

It all started with a crime.

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On Kimmel’s late-night show, he said: “I had a package stolen and I gave the footage to the police. They were like, ‘so what?'”

This drove Mark nuts, and he vowed to beat the crooks at their game of seasonal thievery that so many people experience.

He told Jimmy: “I am an engineer, [and] I spent years working on the curiosity rover for NASA. If anybody’s going to do anything about these punks it’s me.”

What Rober did was construct a box filled with highly refined glitter powder and camera phones to capture the crooks in the act. It worked, and now he has taken this fame and spun it, not only into a TV series but a movement to plant trees which Monsters and Critics reported on earlier this year.

Now, Kimmel has bought into Rober’s activism and is part of a new TV series that will be a candid camera of sorts for the unwittingly stupid who flout the civil norms of society. What this means is that if you don’t pick up that dog poo your friendly Fido just left in the public park, you may find your home under assault from a poo canon!

There will be lots of fart spray for the eternally sophomoric humor lovers out there too. You know who you are.

The new series takes this original premise of doctoring a box and amps it up with more effects, fart spray and even police scanners and sirens. It really is a Candid Camera for catching criminals!

On Kimmel, the video was played that showed two unwitting suspects who had nabbed a package react to the heightened response and consequences of their ill-gotten loot.

The new series is called Revenge of the Nerd and it will feature pranks and gotcha video where Rober’s inventive mind continues to outsmart the bad guys and reveal, in hilarious form, ways to make these jerks think twice before grabbing someone’s package.

Or doing something else in public that is really uncool.

Mark Rober on Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb & New Discovery Channel Show

Kimmel brought up his work with Team Trees which has nearly hit it’s $20 million dollar goal.

Rober explained: “Myself and another YouTuber, Mr. Beast, we got together some of our YouTubers and wanted to end the decade on a positive note.”

He added: “So we have a goal to plant 20 million trees by 2020…and we partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation [and] for every dollar we would raise they would plant one tree.”

People really responded and thus far they have raised $19.5 million, shy a half million (come on Jeff Bezos! Bill Gates! Elon Musk!) to reach their 2020 goal.

Do you want to help? You can donate a dollar or a hundred. Just go to the Team Trees website to help Mark raise the money.

More details on when the show will be slated to air are soon to follow.

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