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Spirit of woman skinned alive and de-eyeballed by son on Ghosts in the Hood?

Matt Richards reacts after hearing the story about the murder victim on Ghosts in the Hood
Matt Richards reacts after hearing the story about the murder victim on Ghosts in the Hood

On tonight’s season finale of Ghosts in the Hood, the Official Paranormal Operations Team investigate a dry cleaners possibly haunted by a murder victim who was skinned alive and de-eyeballed by her own son.

The episode sees Defecio Stoglin and his crew investigate Los Angeles’ Club Monte Cristo after reports of staff being groped by spirits, before they head across town to the dry cleaners.

While there team member Maunda does some research online about what strange happenings have occurred in the are in the past, and finds a possible link to the murder victim.

While team membrers Matt Richards, Dave Purdy and Jasmine Orpilla listen in from inside the cleaners, Maunda tells Defecio: “Just a few years ago, right down the block from here they found this woman who was actually murdered by her 18-year-old son, who worships Satan.

“He did all kinds of evil s**t to her body. He skinned her alive, he took her eyeballs out, he carved upside down crosses in her bones. So possibly it could be the energy of his mum trying to get help.”

The team deduce that the woman’s spirit may have decided to seek refuge in the dry cleaners, which was likely the one she used when she was alive, because she was too scared to go home.

Watch our exclusive sneak peak of the episode below…

Ghosts in the Hood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WE tv.

Julian Cheatle

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