Spirit of woman skinned alive and de-eyeballed by son on Ghosts in the Hood?

On tonight’s season finale of Ghosts in the Hood, the Official Paranormal Operations Team investigate a dry cleaners possibly haunted by a murder victim who was skinned alive and de-eyeballed by her own son. The episode sees Defecio Stoglin and his crew investigate Los Angeles’ Club Monte Cristo after reports of staff being groped by spirits,

Exclusive clip: Biggest joint you’ve ever seen on Ghosts in the Hood

The Ghosts in the Hood team get themselves into a sticky icky icky situation on this week’s show — when Matt Richards rolls the Official Paranormal Operations team an enormous joint! The episode sees Defecio and his crew called to the Redwood Bar in Downtown LA, which for years has had female employees complaining about feeling sinister

Jasmine Orpilla: Who is Ghosts in the Hood’s verified medium?

Ghosts in the Hood on WE tv has been one of the best additions to the paranormal genre in recent months, with its genius new take on supernatural investigations. The series focuses on the Official Paranormal Operations organization set up by founder Defecio Stoglin. But the O.P.O wouldn’t be anywhere without their verified medium Jasmine Orpilla.

Ghosts in the Hood investigates the Aztec goddess of death, Santa Muerte

This week Ghosts in the Hood investigates tales of Santa Muerte at a local store and some unexplained activity at a metal venue. The team get reports of a grocery store being haunted and head over to see if they can get to the bottom of the mystery. Jasmine Orpilla’s skills in communicating with the other

Who is Matt Richards from Ghosts in the Hood?

Ghosts in the Hood is one of the most hilarious new shows on TV — and it wouldn’t be anything without the wise-cracking Matt Richards. But who is he? Matt is Official Paranormal Operations boss Defecio Stoglin‘s friend from New York, where he works as a stand-up comic. Defecio is the first to admit that

Ghosts in the Hood won’t be scared outta Compton

Ghosts in the Hood premieres tonight and these guys are ready to kick Casper and his friends into touch. You might be a fan of Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown, but this is a ghost series unlike any other. With a slightly less po-faced approach to say the least, the team are out to see what


Defecio Stoglin: Who is the Ghosts in the Hood star and O.P.O. CEO?

Defecio Stoglin is the head honcho on WE tv’s hilarious new paranormal docu-series Ghosts in the Hood — but where did he come from and what’s his story? Defecio is the CEO of Official Paranormal Operations (O.P.O.), a team of ghost hunters headquartered out of…a rickety old RV. Which Defecio promises he got a good deal