Watch this exclusive clip as Ghosts in the Hood scout out a haunted piñata store

Jasmine channels the spirit of a murdered girl at the piñata store in Ghosts in the Hood
It’s behind you! Jasmine channels the spirit of a murdered girl at the piñata store in Ghosts in the Hood

This week the Ghost in the Hood team get a call to check out some ghostly goings on at a piñata store — and some freaky feelings at a Family Fun Zone.

Team leader Defecio Stoglin is never one to let sleeping ghosts lie, so when he is asked to look into paranormal activity at the piñata store he jumps at the chance.

The team investigate as Matt Richards and Dave Purdy team up inside, while Jasmine manages to reach beyond the veil and contact the spirit of a child who was a murder victim.

During the night everything seems quiet until the small hours when something starts to drain both the atmosphere in the room…and all the batteries!

Back at the O.P.O. control room they watch the action unfold
Defecio and Maunda watch the action unfold in the Official Paranormal Operations control room

As Defecio says: “It’s 3am in the morning, peak time for paranormal activity. In the paranormal field, when electronics break down like this, that’s a sure-fire sign that something is going down.”

His comments made us think that our iPhone 5s might be haunted, as their batteries drain in minutes, but upon further investigation we realised they are just crap at staying charged.

Jasmine in pinata shop
How will the O.P.O. put the girl’s ghost to rest? We hope it doesn’t involve a piñata!

Defecio’s Official Paranormal Operations (O.P.O.) team don’t like to hang about, so once the piñata case is smashed they head over to Burbank.

Here a Family Fun Zone is anything but that, as a strange presence is casting a dark shadow on what should be a happy place.

The team decide to stake out the Fun Zone to see if they can get to the bottom of this creepy case.

Check out this sneak peak below of what you can expect this week — and remember you can sleep easy knowing the O.P.O. are on patrol!

Ghosts in the Hood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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